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mil_pl 01.28.2015 11:03 AM


evollove 01.28.2015 01:25 PM

An epidemic with the first known case being Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.
A first hand account of this disease.

Thurstonitis is basically when you just lose all control of your mind whatsoever and you walk around in a dazed state with a baseball cap on backward your bangs in your eyes and you go deaf.

Looking for used record stores that don't exist. And pretending that you know where they are. And then asking the locals and pretending you understand their language and you don't. And you nod a lot. It's usually a lot of... It's right over here. It's right over here.

by Eric Selador January 07, 2010

diskaholic-anonymous 02.09.2015 05:16 PM

i think i have this...

RanaldoNecro 02.09.2015 07:10 PM

Thurston should be honourary RSD ambassador by now

RanaldoNecro 04.28.2017 09:25 AM

Here's my idea. Make Thurston an honorary ambassador for RSD. Also create an app to find local indie retailers in your area. Try and find them without getting lost.

scott v 04.28.2017 12:41 PM

RSD is a joke, and not really about the record collector fanatic. Its turned into this profit engine for the record industry and gives record stores a brief and temporary spike in sales...

I see Thurston more into the used and vintage records than trying to spinoff as an ambassador of overpriced and overhyped RSD special releases.

... sorry, RSD leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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