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evollove 02.21.2014 09:55 AM

Schizophrenia Live Times Ten

Ten live version of Schiz smashed together.

Not sure what to think. "Awful," "interesting," and "cool at the end" were my three reactions to three different listenings. I got a file last night that sounds better than this version; not sure if he messed with it at the last minute or something to do with Soundcloud.

Anyway, A for Admirable Attempt, at least.

evollove 02.23.2014 10:10 AM

Tried to play this for a friend last night. He couldn't make it through. "C'mon it's only four minutes." "Jesus, please turn it off."

halgreen 02.23.2014 01:08 PM

It doesn't sound too far off the mark. Maybe that's just my poor ears.

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