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PAULYBEE2656 02.08.2014 11:10 AM

slowdive returns......
Yeah I know its old news but I havent been on here in years and with recent events ive found myself looking around and seeing sooooo many familiar faces/avatars/usernames...anyhooo...

Anyone else delighted as me slowdive have returned. I think the world needs a new slowdive record........

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.08.2014 02:32 PM

I am delighted!

chocolate_ladyland 02.08.2014 03:12 PM

Rachel Goswell was such a babe

Bytor Peltor 02.08.2014 03:16 PM

Must admit I had forgot about this old news, but I too am equally delighted......a new album is a must!

Torn Curtain 06.19.2015 06:19 PM

Pretty great documentary (yes pitchfork can do good things sometimes) :


Originally Posted by chocolate_ladyland
Rachel Goswell was such a babe

Yes, and she ages pretty well I think as seen in the above documentary and the 2014 shows.

SYRFox 06.20.2015 09:33 AM

hoped the bump was about a new album :(
saw them playing live last year - was too young to catch them in the 90s but I thought their show was fantastic

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