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flophousefloozie 01.24.2007 10:04 PM

"Girl Trouble"... what do you think?
First thing that comes to my mind is PMS....
Maybe this has been discussed already. I haven't stuck around to find out. I just want to hear what eveyone els thinks.

foxforce5 01.24.2007 10:22 PM

The author finds "effortlessness and swagger" neccesary, and later attacks Liz Phair for " hollow, shaky uncertainty and painfully real stage fright" as well. I hate chicks as much as the next dude, but do not "effortlessness and swagger" equate this "sex appeal", which the author condems?

Plus - the author says yr deluded if you think ""Cannonball" was a great song, [as well as] the rest of the album (1993's Last Splash) as awful, and, for that matter, their 1990 debut, Pod." ?" Okay, Yes.... you....are....deluded...

the Kim Gordon comments are funny, okay hilarious. Read a book or two already.


foxforce5 01.24.2007 10:27 PM

If he provided actual examples of "women in rock" his article might not be so laughable.

foxforce5 01.24.2007 10:29 PM

Thanks fr reccomending this article, by the way.

Dead-Air 01.25.2007 12:58 AM

Damn, I thought this was going to be a thread about GIRL TROUBLE the pride of Tacoma. So when you asked, "What do you think?" I was gonna say, "Hell yeah! Fuckin' awesome garage punk rock 'n roll!" But instead, it's just another dumb article analyzing something that is completely yesterday's news.

After all the real Girl Trouble had a girl drummer back in 1983, but then the Velvets did too in the '60s. And in both cases, they didn't ever act like it was anything special 'cuz it 'aint.

Pax Americana 01.25.2007 01:10 AM

I thought it was gonna be a thread about "Girl Trouble" the Violent Femmes song.

pantophobia 01.25.2007 01:16 AM

just proves people from texas need their head check,

George Bush, Gibby Haynes, and Jerry Jones (not from there, but firing Jimmie Johnson isn't exactly sane)

flophousefloozie 01.25.2007 01:12 PM

Kim would be bummed to hear someone doesn't think of her as a "role model"... I mean, isn't that all she ever wanted out of the band? Poor girl.

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