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pony 05.09.2014 09:57 AM



Johnny "Magic Fingers" 05.09.2014 10:05 AM

So.. you're meant to stare at that cross in between the 'celebrities"...


The idea is that yr eyes can't adjust to the photos and they appear all freaky.
Did it work for you? Did it...?

Gulasch Noir 05.12.2014 01:39 PM

Genteel Death posts the best ones (the other ones are not bad either, though)

Rob Instigator 05.16.2014 08:44 AM

this is what it looks like when a star meets a black hole

Gulasch Noir 05.18.2014 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
this is what it looks like when a star meets a black hole

Nice. From time to time I enjoy envisioning that a super massive black hole with the mass of the earth (6x10^24 kg) would have a diameter of 9 millimetres.

EVOLghost 05.22.2014 09:41 AM


EVOLghost 05.26.2014 10:24 AM


Rob Instigator 05.27.2014 10:06 AM


EVOLghost 05.27.2014 11:39 AM


Rob Instigator 05.30.2014 03:56 PM


EVOLghost 06.01.2014 10:00 AM


guest 06.01.2014 10:09 AM




Johnny "Magic Fingers" 06.01.2014 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by EVOLghost

Hahaha... that happened at a local Australian football ground...

Maybe when the little dude grows up, he might get to play in the insane arena that is Aussie Rules Football.....


EVOLghost 06.02.2014 03:34 PM

^oh god....knocked out cold!


there's this girl who works in this mexican food joint that looks like this.....sooo good looking ><><

EVOLghost 06.03.2014 10:03 AM




Rob Instigator 06.03.2014 03:15 PM


Rob Instigator 06.03.2014 03:16 PM


Genteel Death 06.04.2014 06:41 AM


pony 06.11.2014 02:04 PM


Genteel Death 06.29.2014 05:21 PM


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