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sellouteater 04.22.2007 12:28 PM

I'm going to see modest mouse today!!! I might piss myshelf I'm so excited

sonicl 05.14.2007 05:11 AM

18 May - 65 Days of Static
25 May - Yellow Swans / Arrington De Dionyso / Ignatz / Astral Social Club / Talibam / Rameses III
17 June - Forest of No Return: The Vintage Disney songbook, curated by Hal Willner
20 June - Grinderman
22 June - The Jesus and Mary Chain
29 Aug - Sonic Youth with Mats Gustafson, Michel Doneda and Jean-Marc Monterra
31 Aug - Sonic Youth play Daydream Nation

pbradley 05.14.2007 05:28 AM

Dinosaur Jr this 15th (oh yeah, I'm not allowed to mention them)
Meat Puppets this 16th
Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation gig in Berkeley in july at some time

Iain 05.14.2007 05:46 AM

tonight (maybe): Orange Goblin
tomorrow: Jack Rose
21st May: Isis (maybe, Oxbow aren't supporting so less interested)
29th May: Ignatz/Arrington De Dionyso
31st-3rdJune: Venn Festival (maybe) Including KTL, One Ensemble, Vladislav Delay etc
23rd June: Deerhoof

screamingskull 05.14.2007 06:13 AM

15th May - Lemonheads
19th May - Willy Mason
4th June - Sparklehorse
31st Aug - Sonic Youth
1st Sep - Sonic Youth

Florya 05.14.2007 06:31 AM

TG twice in a week.

26 May - Tate Modern
3 June - ICA

MellySingsDoom 05.14.2007 07:00 AM

This week - Negura Bunget
2 weeks - Astral Social Club, Yellow Swans
End of May - KTL (Steven O'Malley project)
June - Neurosis
July - Converge, Om

jico. 05.14.2007 07:23 AM

local stuff.


sy ddn @ barcelona
wolf eyes & etc. @ out.fest, lisboa

pokkeherrie 05.14.2007 08:05 AM

Yesterday I went to see Yellow Swans + Aube. For the rest of May/June I'll probably go to these and maybe some more:

Way of the Cross
Shellac/Tall Firs
Comets on Fire
Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet
Costes (not sure if I have the guts/interest for this, but curiosity might win it this time)

lungfish 05.14.2007 10:47 AM

Wilco at Warsaw
Rufus Wainwright at the Gramercy Theater
Lavender Diamond at Bowery Ballroom

Georgekrz 05.14.2007 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by lungfish
Wilco at Warsaw

wow, was that a hard ticket to get?

king_buzzo 05.14.2007 11:28 AM

Shellac next week, Dino in sig copied from alien anal and I dont know, havent checked for gigs in a while...

Everyneurotic 05.14.2007 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by MellySingsDoom
2 weeks - Astral Social Club, Yellow Swans
End of May - KTL (Steven O'Malley project)
June - Neurosis
July - Converge, Om

ohh man, take me with you!!!

Everyneurotic 05.14.2007 11:31 AM


may 19: cannibal corpse (although i'm still not sure).
may 25: watain
jun 1: clinic (although the venue is tba and won't probably happen)
jun 8: satyricon (since their last album is great)
jun 23: the locust

lungfish 05.14.2007 01:07 PM


Originally Posted by Georgekrz
wow, was that a hard ticket to get?

miraculously i got a presale ticket.
thank fuck for that.
it'll be my first time seeing Wilco too
in my hometown (williamsburg/greenpoint) no less.

GrungeMonkey 05.14.2007 02:18 PM

Seeing sonic youth in september at the roundhouse, and seeing bloc party at the end of the year. thats all I have planned right now.

Cardinal Rob 05.14.2007 03:44 PM

22nd May: Daniel Johnston, Manchester
27th June: Deerhoof, Leeds

drrrtyboots 05.14.2007 04:17 PM

May 26: Lightning Bolt, DMBQ, Aa
June 1: Animal Collective, Danielson
June 10: Melt-Banana (hopefully)
June 30: Fiery Furnaces
July 7: Boredoms (77 Drum)
July 8: Marnie Stern
July 28: Sonic Youth DDN
August 31: Battles

Inhuman 05.14.2007 04:20 PM

This Month:

-AIDS Wolf
-The Clipse

sonicl 07.11.2007 02:44 PM

I've just booked for Scissor Sisters as a present for my niece. That's my excuse anyway.

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