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_slavo_ 11.17.2010 09:32 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
first time?

yes. way to beat the social anxiety, isn't it?
however, my voice will be processed through fuzz and delay, thus it will be more another layer in the sound, than a regular 'voice'.

blunderbuss 11.17.2010 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by pokkeherrie
Manchester or Cambridge? I've given up on London, guess it'll only be Den Haag for me this tour.

Cambridge - very excited!


Originally Posted by _slavo_
My own gig, tomorrow.

Good luck!

_slavo_ 11.17.2010 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss

Good luck!

Thanks Stephen

Genteel Death 11.23.2010 04:54 AM

Dead C + Bardo Pond
Eat Skull (again!) + Peepholes + Trash Kit
Otomo Yoshihide and Sachiko M

BakaGaijin 11.24.2010 10:46 PM


a-p a. niemi 11.29.2010 01:56 PM

Going to see Cluster in Tampere next friday

deflinus 11.29.2010 04:54 PM

Arc In Round/War on Drugs

ive been waiting to see both these bands. about time

tesla69 11.29.2010 05:17 PM

noho wools on thu
purling hiss/metal mountains fri
tom carter/marc orleans duo next tue I think

Genteel Death 11.30.2010 02:36 AM

Philip Jeck / Cathi Unsworth / Zerocrop / Randy Gibson / Adam Hayward
Rangda + Borbetomagus

_slavo_ 11.30.2010 04:01 AM

I might either see this


or this


this Thursday in Bristol. Then the next day off to ATP!!!

_slavo_ 12.09.2010 05:18 AM

Next Tuesday ... I'm playing 2 gigs on one bill! (solo + Jesus Stickers).
Will be a tough night.
mr. greenlight of this messageboard promised me to come and see the gig which i'm really excited about


stu666 12.09.2010 06:40 AM

good luck slavo, though i'm sure you don't need it :)

_slavo_ 12.09.2010 06:47 AM

thanks mate, you're nice.

blunderbuss 12.09.2010 07:00 AM

Is that "Mittwoch" CD your work, Slavo?

Where do I place my order?

stu666 12.09.2010 07:02 AM

i'm supposed to be seeing Trumans Water on Saturday but if i feel like i do today then i won't be able to make it. i've been off work with fever/chest infection since ATP. i'll be very pissed off if i can't go.

you feeling any better blunderbuss?

blunderbuss 12.09.2010 07:08 AM

Marginally better, but still aching everywhere and coughing constantly. I'm lying on the sofa with a duvet over me and only daytime tv to keep me company.

Hope you improve soon.

stu666 12.09.2010 07:23 AM

you poor thing, daytime tv is the worse especially Jeremy Vyle and anything on ITV. if i had to watch that i think i would improve a lot quicker :D

anyway back to the topic. i've got tickets for the SY new years eve show but now i'm seriously considering going to the Manchester show too.

_slavo_ 12.09.2010 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss
Is that "Mittwoch" CD your work, Slavo?

Where do I place my order?

yes, "Mittwoch" will be a first Jesus Stickers CD, we're about to make a limited edition of 50 CDRs. The mate who's in the band with me is a skilled painter as well so he has the task to create the package, plus the poster. There is also going to be a sticker included in each package.

I was thinking about making a thread about this so that you can order the download via myself. We're going to put the digital version on 11 fingers netlabel
however, if you want the real thing, we can do it via paypal.

mrb 12.11.2010 02:32 AM

portishead/doom atp

future of the left

SpaceCadetHayden 12.11.2010 02:35 AM

Motherfucking Girl Talk!

Also, Crystal Castles.

I need some new dancing shoes.

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