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batreleaser 09.27.2008 07:19 PM

keiji haino-black blues (violen version), pretty much keiji playing lo fi rock riffs and screaming bloody murder, mesmerizing.

batreleaser 09.27.2008 07:38 PM


is there a rational reason for japan being cooler than everywhere?

finding nobody 09.27.2008 08:56 PM


For the first time in forever
And what a damn superb album.. it's so funny to think how I didn't get it at all at first..

pantophobia 09.27.2008 08:59 PM

Ruins - Hyderomastgroningem

batreleaser 09.27.2008 10:22 PM

well, since i almost died last night, ive been listening to noise all day and freaking myself out. now im trying to calm down, smoking pot, drinking budweiser, and listening to grateful dead studio recodrings (workingman's dead, american beauty, etc..). you never realize how crazily diverse that band was unless youre wasted on drugs and/or booze, thr best drug band ever. damn, i fucking love the grateful dead. one of those bands i think most would assume i hate, but in reality i listen to more than a lot of stuff.

Sonic Youth 37 09.28.2008 12:46 AM


schizophrenicroom 09.28.2008 12:52 AM


(josh, excellent choice)

Sonic Youth 37 09.28.2008 12:54 AM

It's actually the first time I've listened to it. ever. Good stuff. I've been getting the post-hardcore thing more as of late.

schizophrenicroom 09.28.2008 12:57 AM

the casket lottery are pretty cool, in that vein. i've been getting more into it, but there's so much bad stuff, it's tricky to sift through.

Sonic Youth 37 09.28.2008 01:01 AM

Cool. I'll have to check them out. Until last week, for me, there were 2 post-hardcore bands: Fugazi and ATDI

atsonicpark 09.28.2008 01:01 AM

post-hardcore? You should listen to the honor system's ep 100% synthetic... also ,strikeforce diablo's cd, I can't remember the name, I think "arsonist and the architect" or something like that.

Only thing I've been listening to is extra life's "secular works". One of the best albums of the year. It's led by a member of zs. Really insane and tough... like a really brutal bludgeoning prog band meets Kayo Dot.. it's got a lot of weird microtonal riffs, some violins, some of the most technical stuff you'll ever hear.... with gregorian chants... very very pretty and odd vocals overtop that are usually quite detached from the music.. also has some long accappella parts.. really weird, "challenging" stuff..

uhler 09.28.2008 02:04 AM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37


check out twelve hour turn. they're my favorite band to come out of the late 90's "post hardcore" scene.

uhler 09.28.2008 02:05 AM


Originally Posted by schizophrenicroom
the casket lottery are pretty cool, in that vein. i've been getting more into it, but there's so much bad stuff, it's tricky to sift through.

i used to listen to them a lot. i still have their shirt.

stu666 09.28.2008 03:31 AM

Bardo Pond - Circuit VIII


jimbrim 09.28.2008 07:36 AM


Torn Curtain 09.28.2008 07:49 AM

Kayo Dot's myspace

Good stuff.

punkaspoo 09.28.2008 07:58 AM


stu666 09.28.2008 08:12 AM


sonic sphere 09.28.2008 09:35 AM

acid mothers temple & the cosmic inferno-journey into the cosmic inferno

ni'k 09.28.2008 09:40 AM

billy bao, hospitals, sic alps, yellow swans

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