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nomadicfollower 09.08.2006 03:31 PM


Fantomas - S/T

My first listen. It's really good, but for I feel odd for liking it as much as I do.
Mike Patton is a wonderful vocalist. (see page 12)

porkmarras 09.08.2006 03:41 PM

The greatest song that ever was:
Glen Campbell -Wichita Lineman

And i'll dedicate it to Miss Truncy.

porkmarras 09.08.2006 04:11 PM


Everyneurotic 09.08.2006 04:32 PM

You must spread some county respect around before giving it to porkmarras again.

Grete 09.09.2006 01:57 AM

Einsturzende Neubauten >>>>>>>Zebulon

Norma J 09.09.2006 03:03 AM


Originally Posted by nomadicfollower


Good stuff. You get rep'd.


Is what I'm listening to. Another top record. I must add, John Stanier (Helmet, Tomahawk) is now their permanent drummer. Awesome. One of my favourite drummers.

Iain 09.09.2006 05:45 AM

I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingoes

porkmarras 09.09.2006 05:52 AM


Pookie 09.09.2006 06:43 AM


porkmarras 09.09.2006 06:47 AM


Eat your heart out Brian Eno,this is what the music in an an airport should really sound like!!

porkmarras 09.09.2006 07:33 AM

I'm hoovering to this:

Glice 09.09.2006 08:03 AM


Fuckin' ace it is too.

porkmarras 09.09.2006 08:25 AM

Jut for you.

Everyneurotic 09.09.2006 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by Glice

Fuckin' ace it is too.

i like three cheers for sweet revenge better, even if it's far more burnt out.

right now:


Пятхъдесят Шест 09.09.2006 01:52 PM

Nebraska vs. Nicholls St. football game. On the radio.

Hip Priest 09.09.2006 01:58 PM

I've always liked the name Nebraska. It has a certain pleasing quality.

I've got The Fall's Room To Live (Undilutable Slang Truth)

porkmarras 09.09.2006 03:47 PM


HaydenAsche 09.09.2006 04:17 PM

Modest Mouse - Lonesome Crowded West

porkmarras 09.09.2006 04:17 PM

I'm still in the realms of reality,actually,and i do love that album.The cider scream hasn't kicked in just yet.

porkmarras 09.09.2006 04:18 PM

And look at that cover.It's Hayden after his birthday party.

HaydenAsche 09.09.2006 04:22 PM

All alone as usual.

porkmarras 09.09.2006 04:23 PM

Why do you say that?

HaydenAsche 09.09.2006 04:24 PM

Did you see the cover? I'm laying in bed by myself. Such a bad ending to a night.

porkmarras 09.09.2006 04:25 PM

Ops!Sorry i meant that as a compliment.I hope that's not true.

porkmarras 09.09.2006 05:36 PM


Norma J 09.09.2006 05:57 PM

HAHA Diesel you're a fucking pisser. Your drunken rambles are often amusing.

I am listening to Youth Groups new record titled: 'Casino Twilight Dogs'

porkmarras 09.09.2006 05:57 PM

Current 93-Sleep Has His House


The beauty of this record is that i can never tell the songs apart.Always a good thing.

Hip Priest 09.09.2006 06:00 PM

Jelly Roll Morton.

Cardinal Rob 09.09.2006 06:08 PM

Residents - Edweena

nomadicfollower 09.09.2006 06:10 PM


porkmarras 09.09.2006 06:16 PM


Norma J 09.09.2006 06:20 PM

That Rather Ripped album.

Cardinal Rob 09.09.2006 06:21 PM

Shaggs- Philosophy of the World

porkmarras 09.09.2006 06:28 PM

A dog is barking in the baketball field outside the block where i live so much that i can't help but listening to that.I'll record it.

TheDom 09.09.2006 06:32 PM


porkmarras 09.09.2006 06:32 PM

It stopped.

Norma J 09.09.2006 06:35 PM

Basketball Field?

porkmarras 09.09.2006 06:37 PM

Sorry,ground.I'm listening to
David Lynch being interviewed about 'Mullholland Drive'.

Norma J 09.09.2006 06:42 PM

No need to apologise, making sure, that's all. Court.

finding nobody 09.09.2006 06:59 PM


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