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Everyneurotic 09.04.2008 07:39 PM


Everyneurotic 09.04.2008 08:17 PM


atsonicpark 09.04.2008 08:25 PM


batreleaser 09.05.2008 12:00 AM

zorn, patton, and mori-hemophiliac

i cant decide if i love this or hate it. its very weird, and very adventurous no doubt. but patton is kinda annoying when he wants to be wierd, i mean mr bugnle was great, and directors cut was awesome, but on this hes aping eye waaaaaay to noticeably. but then again, if you pretend it is eye, then its some crazy fucked up avant minimal funk or some shit, made by the best in free jazz, free rock, noise whatever. man, ive been smoking too much weed lately, this shit rules i decided.

batreleaser 09.05.2008 12:00 AM

now its the jesus lizard-liar, that zorn patton album started to get annoying.

punkaspoo 09.05.2008 09:30 AM


stu666 09.05.2008 09:57 AM


al shabbray 09.05.2008 09:59 AM

ranaldo/hooker/miller - monsoon

king_buzzo 09.05.2008 11:07 AM

Bowery Electric-Beat

Cantankerous 09.05.2008 11:14 AM


nicfit 09.05.2008 11:33 AM

ha ha I want to sell my cd of that.

al shabbray 09.05.2008 11:41 AM

and I didnt want to buy it from you

noisereductions 09.05.2008 11:43 AM

What is THAT?

al shabbray 09.05.2008 11:45 AM

melissa auf der maur
the one from hole, then smashing pumpkins and then solo

nicfit 09.05.2008 12:10 PM

rockish album with a couple nice songs. nothing special, noisereductions.

I still like "followed the waves".

al shabbray 09.05.2008 12:11 PM

I think its kinda cheesy and way overproduced

Cantankerous 09.05.2008 12:11 PM

all i listened to was followed the waves, all the other songs are shit (other than the french version of taste you which isn't on the album anyway)

al shabbray 09.05.2008 12:13 PM

followed the waves
is that the track with the sailing boat in the video?

Cantankerous 09.05.2008 12:13 PM

i have no idea

al shabbray 09.05.2008 12:14 PM

yes it was (youtube)

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