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The Soup Nazi 11.02.2022 01:50 AM

St. Vincent - "Kerosene" [live at the Our Band Could Be Your Life 10th Anniversary Show, May 22, 2011]

Impossible to tire of unless you're dead or a Republican.

The Soup Nazi 11.04.2022 03:06 AM


Diesel 11.04.2022 11:28 AM

Julia Shapiro. Some of the catchiest depression you've heard, at least since her last album...

!@#$%! 11.16.2022 02:17 PM

melvins - gluey porch treatments

treatments alright. cleans the crap off your ears. very pleasant really.

_tunic_ 11.19.2022 08:03 AM


from vinyl that probably hasn't been played in 20+ years, the sleeve has some water damage because it's been in my basement for too long.
but the album still plays fine

it's not their best album though, some songs on this one are quite annoying actually

The Soup Nazi 11.19.2022 07:29 PM

^ Did it come with an eye mask?

The Soup Nazi 12.12.2022 09:46 PM

One of the greatest songs ever.

_tunic_ 12.14.2022 01:18 PM

hey Soup, have you ever heard about this album? Give it a try, some songs are amazing! I stumbled upon it by chance today, it's on the same label as Dark Developments, the album that Vic Chesnutt did with Elf Power



Copy/paste of her Wikipedia page:


Sibylle Baier (born 25 February 1945) is a German folk singer and actress, whose musical abilities achieved belated recognition with the 2006 release of the album Colour Green, compiled from songs she had recorded in the early 1970s.
Her music is known for its plainness, emotional sincerity, and reference to mundane life in a folk style that's been compared to the works of Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake.[1]

Having played the guitar and piano as a young girl, she was moved to write her first song, "Remember The Day", after taking a road trip with a friend across the Alps to Genoa, via Strasbourg.[2]
She appeared in Wim Wenders's 1973 film Alice in the Cities, and her music is also featured in Jochen Richter's Umarmungen und andere Sachen (1975) and in Wenders' Palermo Shooting (2008). Baier opted not to pursue an acting or singing career, and eventually moved to the United States, where she concentrated on bringing up a family.
The songs that made up her album Colour Green were home reel-to-reel tape recordings Baier had made in Germany between 1970 and 1973.[3] Some 30 years later, her son Robby compiled a CD from these recordings to give to family members as presents. He also gave a copy to Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis, who in turn passed it along to the Orange Twin label. Orange Twin released the album in February 2006.
In April 2008, it was revealed through her official website that Baier was going into a recording studio and had written two new songs. The first of these, "Let Us Know", was released in September 2008 for the film Palermo Shooting.

The Soup Nazi 12.15.2022 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
hey Soup, have you ever heard about this album?

I most certainly have, bought it years ago. A supreme record. In fact -and this is just between you and me and the interwebs- I made a copy for my shrink, and she loved it. :)

The Soup Nazi 12.16.2022 11:59 PM

Angry Samoans - "My Old Man's A Fatso"

Genteel Death 12.18.2022 08:52 AM

Disgusting. I love it.

!@#$%! 12.20.2022 06:34 PM



The Soup Nazi 01.01.2023 11:18 PM


_tunic_ 01.27.2023 06:32 AM

Listening to albums that were released today


Den svenska vreden by Fågelle

I was hoping it would be a bit more cohesive listening experience as her live shows are. But it's still pretty good


Complete Mountain Almanac by Complete Mountain Almanac

Complete Music Almanac is the musical collaboration of Norwegian-born, Sweden-based singer and composer Rebekka Karijord and American-born, Italy-based poet, dancer and multimedia artist Jessica Dessner, joined by her brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National.

It's a bit boring to my ears, but that's mostly because I've been listening to doom metal for most of the week, so I'm no longer used to hearing music that lacks a fuzz pedal. Not sure if it's because of that but I liked the second half more than the first half.

and the rest of the week:
I downloaded a bunch of the streams that have been made from the Roadburn festival over the years. Psychic TV kicks major ass, bongripper and Bell Witch are fun. Amenra is awesome, Mike Scheidt solo a lot less than with Yob.

Diesel 02.03.2023 04:48 PM

Levitate - Fall. Particularly unhinged. Foken pish

The Soup Nazi 02.09.2023 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi


Burt Bacharach, 1928-2023

The Soup Nazi 02.14.2023 03:00 AM


_tunic_ 02.17.2023 02:43 AM



The nicest part about this album is the sleeve, the songs on it are quite bad actually. The concept is nice but will be annoying when you hear it more frequently.
Don't really understand the rave reviews, there's not much to rave about really

_tunic_ 02.17.2023 07:36 AM


Just listened to the new dEUS album, it's not as good as I wished for, which was released today. Too overproduced it sounds, only sort of liked the final song actually.
when it comes to the female backing vocals, they should have listened to their fellow countrymen the Flying Horseman!

Skuj 02.18.2023 12:19 PM

Fuuuuck. I've fallen hopelessly in love with Primal Scream - XTRMNTR. When it came out in 2000 I gave it a couple of spins then left it to gather dust. Criminal!!! But all day yesterday it was playing during my record store shift. (Pills presented a few problems for the customers who wanted Carpenters Greatest.) I'll do the same today.

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