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The Soup Nazi 09.04.2022 10:02 PM


Skuj 09.04.2022 10:39 PM

Love - Forever Changes, which is still The Greatest Album Ever Made.

But also:

Wormrot - Hiss
Pig destroyer - Terrifyer
Napalm death - Scum
Misery Index - Traitors

(Clearly, I'm on a grindcore / death-metal kick, inbetween Forever Changes breaks.)

_tunic_ 09.05.2022 11:03 AM


AMENRA "Le Cercle"

amazing live performance they did during lockdown times, but only released on YT a few weeks ago

The Soup Nazi 09.05.2022 04:23 PM

^ Are they witches?

The Soup Nazi 09.05.2022 04:30 PM

Can't get this song outta my head. Nor do I want to.


Inhuman 09.05.2022 10:03 PM

Lots of Days n Daze, MBV, Boar God, and Spiritualized lately. And a hint of A$AP Rocky here and there

_tunic_ 09.08.2022 11:42 AM


The Rustle of the Stars - Live at The Sacred Trinity Church, Manchester (2012)

by Richard Knox & Frédéric D. Oberland

nice live recording of a post-rock event, half is from Oiseaux Tempete, who the other is heck I don't know



I read about this artist today. She lives where I live but sings in French in sixties Yé-Yé style. Kinda cool, but her first album didn't do much for me. She'll release a new one in a few months, it's on pre-order

_tunic_ 09.08.2022 02:13 PM


For some reason I had a sudden urge to listen to this album :p. The Smiths are not on bandcamp, but Janice Whaley is. She recorded all Smiths' albums in acapella fashion!!

The Smiths Project Remastered Box Set by Janice Whaley

as her bio says : "Janice Whaley covered every song by The Smiths in 2010, using only voice in 30-50 layers and 1300 hours."
if the shipping wasn't the same price as the box, I would have bought it

The Soup Nazi 09.08.2022 02:57 PM

A Film by Derek Jarman

The Soup Nazi 09.09.2022 12:42 AM


The Soup Nazi 09.10.2022 04:45 PM


The Soup Nazi 09.11.2022 06:27 PM

I'd like to drop my trousers to the Queen
Every sensible child will know what this means
The poor and
the needy
are selfish
and greedy
on her terms...

_tunic_ 10.02.2022 06:31 AM

A Classical Music live performance by Munich Radio Orchestra & Bavarian Radio Choir that I got from Dime a long time ago. They perform three beautiful pieces:

Erkki-Sven Tüür: Lighthouse

György Ligeti: Lux aeterna

Maurice Duruflé: Requiem, op. 9

You all should youtube that shit!
The second piece was used in 2001: A Space Odyssey btw

Severian 10.03.2022 06:36 AM


Indigo De Souza - I Love My Mom

The Soup Nazi 10.14.2022 11:22 PM


_tunic_ 10.15.2022 04:18 AM


Fire in My Mind by Lanue

This EP is produced by Low's Alan Sparhawk, and musically it resembles a bit Low's latest albums. But she's not Mim :)
Her previous album which I'll check out next, features former Low's bassist Steve Garrington and Erik Koskinen who has played with Low on their last UK Christmas tour a few years back.

I'm browsing Alan's Discogs to see if there's anything worthwhile on it.

_tunic_ 10.15.2022 09:38 AM


The Soup Nazi 10.15.2022 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_

Vocally, a bit heavy on the Kate Bush, um, "homage". But I like it.

_tunic_ 10.23.2022 02:21 AM


and then some Nils Frahm too cool down again

The Soup Nazi 10.26.2022 07:35 PM

Nanci Griffith - "Love At The Five And Dime" [live]

The spoken intro alone is priceless. :)

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