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_tunic_ 10.13.2014 02:37 AM

MONO (Japan) - Taka Overdubs - 2014

short but sweet

stu666 10.13.2014 12:27 PM


guest 10.13.2014 05:29 PM


guest 10.14.2014 06:55 PM





The Soup Nazi 10.14.2014 09:01 PM

Jesus Christ Monkeyballs, this thread needs some goddamn SONGS!


Free (leave a tip if you can, though - don't be a mook) download (320kbps mp3s):

stu666 10.15.2014 01:06 AM


Genteel Death 10.15.2014 01:31 PM

Judas Priest covering Joan Baez's ''Diamonds & Rust''.

Savage Clone 10.15.2014 02:30 PM

^one of my favorites. An unlikely choice to work so well with the metal treatment. Total classic.

evollove 10.15.2014 02:49 PM

Wow. That was sort of brilliant, I think because they weren't trying to be cheeky about it.

_tunic_ 10.15.2014 03:13 PM

the new Mono albums are on youtube:
Rays Of Darkness

The Last Dawn

(music for ROD only starts after ~2 minutes)

Genteel Death 10.18.2014 10:21 AM


Genteel Death 10.18.2014 12:31 PM

Hallucinating to this.

Severian 10.18.2014 03:55 PM

Well, I'm having one hell of a day musically. Been reading and relaxing almond listening to this stuff:


Unwound - No Energy


Thurston Moore - The Best Day


Bangs + Works Vol.1 (footwork compilation by Planet Mu)

Severian 10.18.2014 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by stu666

Oh my fucking God- I just realized those were fucking maggots!! What the hellos wrong with that woman?!? I love Pharmakon and I even own that record, but I always thought those were seeds or (Jesus) pine nuts or something .. Sounds dumb, but in the context of the flowers and the clean white of the backdrop I think I blocked out that disgusting shit by mentally processing it into an image that made me want to FUCKING KILL MYSELF a little bit less!!!

Jesus God. That is fucked beyond measure. Where's a nice clean Cannibal Corpse album cover when you need one? I think I need to go look at some roadkill to cleanse my mind of that hideous image.

To anyone who thinks I'm overreacting or being theatrical, I puked in my mouth a little when I zoome in on that cover. And I mean IRL. Fuck! Goddamn that's awful!!

stu666 10.19.2014 01:51 PM


diskaholic-anonymous 10.19.2014 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by stu666 soundtrack in the car.

Severian 10.19.2014 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by diskaholic-anonymous soundtrack in the car.

Great isn't it? It actually sounds like an SY album. Moreso than Demolished Thoughts or TOTA. And I guess that's what I expected, given the current personnel of his band.

I was seriously moved by "Speak to the Wild" on first listen. Probably one of the best songs he's released since the "hiatus", and that's saying a lot. I'm surprised by how much I like this album, which is also saying quite a bit.

I really couldn't be happier with it, short of hearing Lee and Kim in the background. Already one of my favorite albums of the year.

Drjohnrock 10.19.2014 08:35 PM

Had to do a fair amount of driving this weekend so listened to Johnny Dowd's Do The Gargon album in my car's cd player. Music that's simultaneously bizarre and "accessible". Dowd doesn't get any recognition in his native USA, IMHO, because (1) his southern/rural accent, and (2) stupid, unimaginative music writers who compare him to Tom Waits. I like Waits just fine but JOHNNY DOWD DOES NOT SOUND LIKE TOM WAITS!!!!

There, I got that off my chest. Any other Dowd fans on the board?

Bytor Peltor 10.21.2014 02:13 PM

My buddy @Soundawakeradio is spinning an hours worth of David Bowie (including a new single) over the next hour:

Bytor Peltor 10.23.2014 02:20 AM

Black Magic - Wizard's Spell

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