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Rob Instigator 01.16.2014 02:09 PM





Rocked all these on shuffle at lunch

_tunic_ 01.17.2014 02:47 PM

damn, wish my lunches would last that long


Asphalt Orchestra Plays the Pixies: Surfer Rosa, 4 tunes live

guest 01.18.2014 01:29 AM


Originally Posted by Toilet & Bowels

totally missed this one when it came out, only got around to checking it out now. creeping up on air supply which really says something.

henry pousseur, main, phillip jeck & oval - four parabolic mixes
pure - fetor
morphosis - dismantle
jim o'rourke - old news vol. 1 & 2
gabriel saloman - adhere
vessel - misery is a communicable disease ep
loop - fade out
velvet underground - white light/white heat
the heads - at last!....
blank realm - grassed inn
ramleh - too many miles
spacemen 3 - playing with fire
kevin drumm - the kitchen
nurse with wound - man with the woman face
snd - 4,5,6
wolf eyes & anthony braxton - black vomit
sun araw - heavy deeds
the shadow ring - hold onto i.d.
copeland & gast - uk merge/strict 12"
mark fell / evol - thunder bollocks
jandek - graven image
htrk - nostalgia
farmers manual - fschk

Severian 01.18.2014 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by greenlight
tunic def. check it out, if you like noise-drone stuff. but check the interview first. Juv is the name of the project.

"The music that was influential for us in the late 90s was the sampler-derived minimalism of Deathprod, the microtonal music of Giacinto Scelsi and Tony Conrad and the minimal works of groups such as Swans, Neurosis, Sonic Youth, Codeine and the Melvins. It was only when I got into experimental black metal and doom many years later, and especially the minimal and atmospheric work of bands such as Paysage D´Hiver, Brenoritvrezorkre, Sunn O))), as well as Burzum, that I started seeing the musical connection to Juv." – Are Mokkelbost.

This album is really haunting an unsettling in a fresh and unique way. I think the videos capture the tension of the sounds almost too well (in other words, do not expect to see this shit on VH1). I think Wolves of the Throne Room and GYBE must also be influences here.

Thanks man. Gotta order this ASAP.

pony 01.19.2014 01:02 AM


Toilet & Bowels 01.19.2014 05:05 AM

Trevor Transylvania - Lofi Haunts

_tunic_ 01.19.2014 05:09 AM


pony 01.19.2014 08:28 AM


officially in love with magic markers now


MellySingsDoom 01.20.2014 06:37 PM

Trace And Nico "Squadron" -

Ed Rush "Guncheck" -

Ed Rush "Gangsta Hardstep" -

MellySingsDoom 01.20.2014 07:15 PM

Two new 7-inch single tracks by The Ex ("How Thick You Think" and "That's Not A Virus") -

Cunt 01.21.2014 01:07 PM

Savage Clone 01.21.2014 01:32 PM

I picked that up the other day. Not a clunker on it! Excellent.

krischanski 01.21.2014 03:58 PM




EVOLghost 01.21.2014 11:34 PM

LEVEL 3 by Perfume again

The album version of Magic of Love really sucks compared to the single version....and Spending All My Time has a massive upgrade with the album mix.

MellySingsDoom 01.24.2014 08:28 PM

Photek - "Consciousness" -

noisereductions 01.24.2014 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by Cunt

how is this?

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 01.24.2014 08:52 PM


This isn't anywhere near as good as the Sunday School mix-tapes but its still pretty damned good, I keep bumping it on repeat.


Don't sleep on this Heliotropes "A Constant Sea" record, it is probably the most refreshing rock album I've heard in years. Its like, damn, I am really really feeling these chicks and their approach and sound. Much like with Shannon Wright, I hope I can be the one to introduce this band to many of y'all SYG folks..

EVOLghost 01.25.2014 09:50 AM


(I'm pretty fucking excited for her concert in March.)

EVOLghost 01.25.2014 09:51 AM

hehe...thhe text on the right looks liek it says 'fuck'

EVOLghost 01.26.2014 02:55 PM

Jun Miyake.
(just checkin' out her tunes right now. Some really good stuff!)

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