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Stijn 01.03.2013 05:21 AM


EVOLghost 01.03.2013 08:33 AM

ON dat Burzum (youtube playlist)

stu666 01.03.2013 06:05 PM


Keeping It Simple 01.04.2013 08:22 AM

I'm checking out Komputer Cast Vol. 6. I discovered Seth Haley a.k.a Com Truise has another side-project on the go called "Syn". There's two "Syn" tracks on the album as well as two Com Truise tracks.

EVOLghost 01.04.2013 08:45 AM


Originally Posted by stu666

LOVE THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trama 01.04.2013 08:52 AM


stu666 01.04.2013 01:17 PM


the ikara cult 01.04.2013 05:09 PM

Charalambides - Union


Torn Curtain 01.04.2013 05:10 PM

Sonic Youth - Loreley Festival, Germany, 20th June 1998

keep poppin pimples 01.04.2013 05:31 PM

cool field recordings made by maya deren(filmaker who is good)


Trama 01.04.2013 07:11 PM

the ikara cult 01.04.2013 07:29 PM


Severian 01.04.2013 08:41 PM

All day, back and forth between Year Zero (or Y34R Z3R0 or whatever... the NIN album I am least familiar with, which is also the most consistently interesting , and genuinely *good* of all post-Fragile output) and a ginormous mix of my favorite 2012 releases. Played on shuffle via Spotify, this year has been one of the best in ages for music.

Relistening to Led Er Est, Lotus Plaza, El-p, Redd Kross, Mouse on Mars and Burial are making me question my initial idea that the year belonged to familiar post rock and psych pop.

stu666 01.05.2013 08:10 AM


marleypumpkin 01.05.2013 10:13 PM


afterthefact 01.05.2013 10:24 PM


Woop woop! Not my usual fare, but I'm hyped up on a whole pot of coffee and I'm readin' and I'm downloadin' and I'm groovin'!

Torn Curtain 01.06.2013 10:26 AM

Cocteau Twins w/ Harold Budd - The moon and the melodies

stu666 01.06.2013 02:48 PM


sonic sphere 01.07.2013 10:09 AM


Rob Instigator 01.07.2013 10:18 AM


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