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MitchonTheBeach 12.11.2012 08:48 AM


Ah, you bet your ass!

I've got Spotify's 30 Days of Dead on continuous repeat today.

And Low- Christmas.

Damn right!!! Aoxomoxoa's a Masterpiece !!

Nefeli 12.11.2012 10:54 AM

this nice track nonstop

Dr Chocolate 12.11.2012 02:36 PM

DEICIDE @ The Embassy Hotel in London, Ontario April 25 1996

fucking brutal!
someone calls Glen a fag near the end
so they only played 1 more song
short ass show
to bad it's on a microcassette
those things fucking suck for recording death metal live

(other shows from summer of 96 on microcassette not worth mentioning
The Queers & Forgotten Rebels)

louder 12.11.2012 04:57 PM


Maxwell - Embrya

Dr Chocolate 12.11.2012 07:22 PM


MitchonTheBeach 12.12.2012 02:29 PM


A Thousand Threads 12.12.2012 06:12 PM


louder 12.12.2012 07:21 PM


Severian 12.12.2012 07:26 PM

Bear in Heaven, playlist. Liking it more than I remembered.

noisereductions 12.12.2012 08:29 PM


boner city.

louder 12.13.2012 12:39 PM


the ikara cult 12.13.2012 03:15 PM

This is brilliant


the ikara cult 12.13.2012 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by the ikara cult

The singer from The Stones sounds EXACTLY like Thurston Moore

stu666 12.15.2012 08:41 AM



Torn Curtain 12.15.2012 10:28 AM

Radiohead - OK Computer

Keeping It Simple 12.15.2012 11:15 AM

Been listening to these dudes. They're called The Ocean Blue, America's answer to The Smiths. A damn fine band indeed.


Severian 12.15.2012 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions

boner city.

Hey, me too. At this very moment, actually; enjoying the fuck out of "Radio Gra"

noisereductions 12.15.2012 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by Severian
Hey, me too. At this very moment, actually; enjoying the fuck out of "Radio Gra"

the version of "Corpse Pose" on their is ridiculous. I listened to it so many times in a row haha.

A Thousand Threads 12.16.2012 11:13 AM


Bardo Pond - Yntra

Torn Curtain 12.16.2012 11:48 AM

Dominique A - Vers les lueurs

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