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floatingslowly 11.30.2011 12:28 PM


Frosty 11.30.2011 12:37 PM

X-Ray Spex - Plastic Bag

Pelle 11.30.2011 12:48 PM


stu666 11.30.2011 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by Pelle
Nope. It's an LP.

A lo-fi/garage/indie band called Social Cream.

thanks, two of their tracks are available to listen on

sonic sphere 11.30.2011 02:17 PM


Torn Curtain 11.30.2011 03:08 PM

Nirvana live at the Paramount

Pax Americana 11.30.2011 10:07 PM


stu666 12.01.2011 03:39 AM


Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Unrock Instore Gig Series Vol.8

keep poppin pimples 12.01.2011 04:58 AM


stu666 12.01.2011 06:31 AM

new Sunburned Hand Of The Man cassette arrived today - The One You Forgot To Forget.

Can't wait for their gig tonight!

stu666 12.01.2011 08:35 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
So jealous......enjoy the show! How many times have you seen them live?


This is only my second time! The first time I saw them was earlier this year and John Moloney knew who I was because I contact him via email and facebook, he tried to give me lots of free stuff but I had to tell him I had it all already! he eventually found a rare tape in the bottom of his bag that he knew I wouldn't have and I was very pleased. :)

batreleaser 12.01.2011 09:01 AM

bailter space-tanker

Pelle 12.01.2011 09:59 AM


sonic sphere 12.01.2011 02:31 PM


Pelle 12.01.2011 04:09 PM


Torn Curtain 12.01.2011 07:37 PM

Jeff Buckley & Liz Fraser - All flowers in time

davenotdead 12.01.2011 09:27 PM



stu666 12.02.2011 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor

Such a classic story, Stu! Reminds me of Savage Clone telling of some late 80's or 90's super group sleeping over at his place or Florya having corresponded via mail with members of Coil & Throbbing Gristle - good stuff! If you had the opportunity to take any pictures, I hope you find time to post them.

I didn't take any photos last night I was too busy enjoying it, I talked to Paul Labrecque (Sunburned/Head Of Wantastiquet) for quite a while whilst we were waiting for the doors to open, Paul joined my Sunburned group on the other week. I arrived at the venue half an hour early and got to see Sunburned doing soundcheck with Thurston! then Thurston came outside with other Sunburned members who were smoking, it was raining heavily and Thurston had a huge umbrella which we all tried to shelter under. I could only manage to say "hi" at this point as I was a bit nervous. Anyway after the gig finished (which was amazing btw, Thurston played with Sunburned) John Moloney asked me if I'd like to be introduced to Thurston so of course I said yes, John took me over to him and said I'd like you to meet my friend Stu and I got to speak to him for a bit and shake his hand! I also got a new Manhand record featuring John Moloney, Gene Moore, Paul Flaherty, Gene Janas and Jeff Shurdt. It was a brilliant night and I was joined by toxic johnny and jimbrim and we had the best seats in the house. :)

Pelle 12.02.2011 10:29 AM


keep poppin pimples 12.02.2011 02:47 PM


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