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Savage Clone 03.21.2006 01:15 PM

Bubble Puppy.

Everyneurotic 03.21.2006 01:19 PM

this is probably my favorite thread. i always click on it:

now i'm going to go watch foster's home for imaginary friends

Hip Priest 03.21.2006 02:00 PM

Wolf Gegen Maschine by Fleischwolf again, one of my favourite tracks. After that, who knows? Maybe I'll report back...

Signpost 03.21.2006 02:03 PM

Lungfish - Love Is Love

Jt 03.21.2006 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by whorefrost
LIVE SKULL - i have a couple of their records.... one i found second hand in a store in amsterdam... dusted it's called... it's not in great shape.. side A scratched to shit... but it was cheap... I scored Snuffer off ebay... both are solid records although i feel their music didn't age as well as a lot of other 80s indie stuff... i don't get all the SY, Swans comparisons either... to me Live Skull aren't all that noisy... still quite cool tho...

Yeah, I mean maybe it's just their last LP that people discuss the most. That one was the only one I could get hold of on CD - an old Caroline issue. That's pretty damned raucous. I haven't heard much of their earlier stuff, but I want to. I don't know what the legality of sharing a few of their older tracks would be though... that said, I can't imagine the market for old Live Skull records today being especially... ...buoyant.

Everyneurotic 03.21.2006 02:25 PM

i've been wanting to hear live skull for a long time, i haven't heard them except for a few stray mp3s which i thought were cool. so if anyone could share something...

Jt 03.21.2006 02:27 PM

Well, like, I could post an MP3 or two. The thing is, chabib might start ragin' about throwing up copyrighted stuff. I mean I know you can't buy any Live Skull stuff in stores anymore, but it's still copyrighted, right?

Everyneurotic 03.21.2006 02:34 PM

that's why i've asked him several times to clarify what we could share and what not (not sy stuff). of course, you could upload it and send the link to me thru pm.

listening to:

do make say think - winter hymn country hymn secret hymn

Jt 03.21.2006 02:37 PM

Yeah, alright. I'll put a couple on to my webspace, just give me a few minutes.

Inhuman 03.21.2006 03:22 PM

SY - Dripping Dream

samuel 03.21.2006 06:02 PM

nothing right now
but this past week
I have been listening to Alanis Morissette
hhaha, I know

Spiritual Amnesia 03.21.2006 06:14 PM

im listening to

muhoney - under a billion suns (great album)

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 06:27 PM

The same thing I'm always listening to.

Xiu Xiu - Knife Play

chabib 03.21.2006 07:34 PM


use yr judgement. obviously, the band/board could take some heat if you post direct links from here to copyrighted media. i'd say discretion is key. you can sort of wish out loud to hear or see something and see if anyone telepathically communicates to you.

other sites are also careful to make sure that links to external sites where people host files are not live links--i.e.:


Everyneurotic 03.21.2006 07:41 PM

good idea. thanks chris!!


white out with jim o' rourke and william winant - china is near (i'm such a sy fan!)

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 03.21.2006 08:05 PM

to life-fuck-sonic-youth!

Everyneurotic 03.21.2006 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
or else everyneurotic use the simple power of the defeated but still living postal service.noone really knows but the act remains.

dude, you don't know how much i love trading by snail mail; it's the greatest!!

ysi threads means more people get an album and the request gets quicker, you can also download things you never even knew existed and might become some of your favorite music

soapbars 03.21.2006 09:51 PM

ege bamyasi by CAN

schizophrenicroom 03.21.2006 09:54 PM

Beat Happening- Fortune Cookie Prize

Adult-Daypass 03.21.2006 09:57 PM

The Byrds-Cruising Altitude
Broken Social Scene- Feel Good Lost.

Alex's Trip 03.21.2006 11:29 PM


HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 11:43 PM


Everyneurotic 03.22.2006 01:16 AM

magazine - play

for the first time

for both band and album

very good!!

Hip Priest 03.22.2006 08:16 AM

The Fall - Seminal Live, because I've just got it.

marleypumpkin 03.22.2006 08:28 AM

I'm about to go listen to "Lullabies To Paralyze" (LP version) by Queens Of The Stone Age. The LP version has 3 additional tracks that weren't on the cd release. They are great tracks, it's all together a pretty good album. If you want, I could upload the 3 bonus tracks. If you ask nicely.

contrelefuckingsexisme 03.22.2006 08:30 AM

Rainer Maria

Inhuman 03.22.2006 09:35 AM

My Sonic Youth ATRAC CD with 7 albums on it...

Dude Ranch Nurse - SY

Signpost 03.22.2006 10:19 AM

Charalambides - Our Bed Is Green

Savage Clone 03.22.2006 11:02 AM

Good choice, Charlie. Tara is a class act all the way.

I am currently spinning "The Pulse Of Tanam," some beautiful Vina solos by M. Nageswara Rao.
The Vina is a beautiful instrument, and this LP is fantastic.

doctor dan 03.22.2006 11:31 AM

at the moment- how to make a baby elephant float, by yo la tengo. a second ago i was listening to a piece i just recorded on ableton live using granular synthesis and samples of acoustic guitar.

ohthehorror 03.22.2006 11:33 AM

Lovesick, by Autonervous.

Everyneurotic 03.22.2006 11:38 AM

lepidoptera is the most underrated fursaxa record...and it's probably my favorite


thurston moore/jim sauter/don dietrich - barefoot in the head

(getting ready for the big show this saturday)

Everyneurotic 03.22.2006 12:26 PM

the dead c - harsh 70's reality

Rob Instigator 03.22.2006 01:00 PM

I am listening to Tapes N Tapes, out of Minneapolis.
Their new album is called the LOON and if you love inventive interesting indie rock, with energy and wit, ( a la pavement, pixies, etc) then get it. it is great. you can download 5 songs off of their website.

I am also trying to find the new album by a band called PARTS & LABOR. It is called "stay afraid"

I need to find it.

I have also, since my CD player in my car has gone frtiz, been listening to old cassettes.

Jimi Hendrix Experience - are you experienced
Sebadoh - Smash Your Head on The Punk Rock (my fave sebadoh album)
Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age
Beastie Boys - Hello nasty

Hip Priest 03.22.2006 01:38 PM

Strange World by Natural Life

HaydenAsche 03.22.2006 01:40 PM

Batlles - C Ep

Signpost 03.22.2006 02:05 PM

Larsen - No Arms, No Legs, Identification Problems

Trasher02 03.22.2006 02:08 PM

Sonic Youth - i love you golden blue

krastian 03.22.2006 03:00 PM

Live SY-Chicago, 11/5/88

o o o 03.22.2006 03:07 PM

The best of the Ronettes

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