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noisereductions 11.18.2010 03:35 PM


Murmer99 11.18.2010 04:53 PM


loubarret 11.19.2010 09:14 AM


Genteel Death 11.19.2010 09:23 AM


noisereductions 11.19.2010 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by Murmer99

nice. Totally slept on.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 12:58 PM


Definitely not up to par with the breathtaking Let Go, or even Under My Skin. I'm still having fun with it though. It's cool that she swears on it.

noisereductions 11.19.2010 01:01 PM

^is that the one w that "I don't like yr gf" song? That song kicks ass.

keep poppin pimples 11.19.2010 01:05 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 01:09 PM


You see, I'm under the impression that Sk8er Boi is easily the worst track off of Let Go (her masterpiece). That song, and the majority of The Best Damn Thing definitely have that pop banger attitude to 'em. I highly prefer her mellower, more emotional, and more melodic material. She tried changing things up too much, and made her music too upbeat on this one, and it definitely isn't as enjoyable as old school Avril.

It'll most likely grow on me though. Aside from a few beyond-shit tracks, there are some pretty good hooks on it.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 01:14 PM

Let Go - 10/10
Under My Skin - 9/10
The Best Damn Thing - 7.5/10

noisereductions 11.19.2010 01:25 PM

I've only heard Let Go, which I do like a lot. "I'm With You" is amazing. I've heard a lot of stray single since, don't know what is what... what has that song "Just Breathe" or whatever? That one is great. "Girlfriend" is incredible. I love bratty shit like that.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 01:35 PM

I don't think "Just Breathe" is an Avril song, guy! haha

I like Girlfriend too, it's just not representative of what makes Avril special to me. You should hear the Italian version though (which is on TBDT). I suggest you check out her other 2 ASAP. Especially Under My Skin.

noisereductions 11.19.2010 02:03 PM

ah like I said I don't really "know" her stuff other than what I may have heard in passing since Let Go. The "Breathe" song might be Kelly Clarkson now that I think of it. I have no idea. Sounds like a Avril song though. Haha. But yeah I hadnt paid her much mind since the first album until I herad "GF" and was like "woah that's really bratty and awesome!"

sonic sphere 11.19.2010 03:03 PM


noisereductions 11.19.2010 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions

this one's really under appreciated. I really like the Beat The Boots series. It's interesting cuz FZ just acquiesced and reelased them exactly as tehy were on the bootlegs. Ddin't fix the art, didnt fix titles, dind't clean up the sound. It's like he just said "ok I like THESE bootlegs so they're done." Anyway, this one has some really amazing downer jazz moments. I listen to this one a f'kcing LOT. Of all the FZ that I'm into, it's definitely his jazz side that means the most to me and gets the most replays. I was already pretty into him before I finally heard (the vinyl rip of) HOT RATS and it just blew my mind. For real. Like that was it. No turning back. I was a bigtime FZ fan after that. Anyway back to this album -- Piquantique, it's not super long or anything like most live jazz sets, but I'll tell you this it's worth it for the inclusion of the otherwise rare "Dupree's Paradise." This track just chills me out so bad everytime I hear it. It's one of those tracks I put on and I'm like "so THIS is why Madlib used to always mention Zappa" kind of things. So good. /done

davenotdead 11.19.2010 04:33 PM

the avril 'let go' love is hilarious, but i also love it.

glad i'm not alone.

been listening to electric wizard all day.

but now the freshly leaked Nicki

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 04:43 PM

Only on SYG will you find multiple people who love Let Go just as much as Dopethrone. :)

noisereductions 11.19.2010 05:37 PM

yooooo the Minaj leaked?? How is it??

davenotdead 11.19.2010 06:20 PM

kinda disappointed. maybe it will grow. the eminem track is fucking terrible, but that was to be expected.

i'm kinda surprised she got kanye, eminem, and will--i-am-asshole to guest on tracks... thought they would go with younger/better ppl. the drake track is great and ricky ross is always pleasant.

davenotdead 11.19.2010 06:25 PM

oh yeah nvm, the rick ross is on the remix track

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