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Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.20.2010 12:30 PM


noisereductions 04.20.2010 12:41 PM

^what's that like?

tesla69 04.20.2010 01:08 PM

mv/ee saratoga springs NY 4-15-2010 SB/Aud matrix recording
Willie Lane 7"
Marcia Bassett/Helena Espvall cassette
Jeff Beck Group - Beck-ola

SYRFox 04.20.2010 02:55 PM


noisereductions 04.20.2010 03:02 PM


automatic bzooty 04.20.2010 03:16 PM

i dunno, that one pink fuzzy guitar album by those nineties irish people

Derek 04.20.2010 03:42 PM



Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.20.2010 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
^what's that like?



Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.20.2010 04:07 PM


noisereductions 04.20.2010 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by Derek


You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Derek again.

Pookie 04.20.2010 05:34 PM

Haven't listened to this for at least six years. But now I am.

stu666 04.20.2010 06:29 PM


automatic bzooty 04.20.2010 10:44 PM


leavin' the solar system

batreleaser 04.21.2010 12:02 AM

some Bo Diddley tracks.

I also just listened to the Atlas Sound record from last year. Wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be.

a-p a. niemi 04.21.2010 03:07 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
wow. I didn't even know Lucas Arts games put out sndtrks. Is there a Secret Of Monkey Island one? How bout Loom?

I know a few official sndtrks:
Grim Fandango
The Dig
Secret Weapons Over Normandy
The Best of LucasArts

From here you can dl some of those:

ink. 04.21.2010 06:32 AM

itdoesn't matter. it all sounds glorious.

noisereductions 04.21.2010 07:00 AM

"The Takeover" - Jay-Z
never stops astounding me.

automatic bzooty 04.21.2010 12:05 PM

best coast

Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.21.2010 02:33 PM


noisereductions 04.21.2010 02:38 PM

^dead picture link. What is it? THA CARTER II?

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