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noisereductions 12.17.2009 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by cagedbird


noisereductions 12.17.2009 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by Tokolosh
I love the simplicity of the video for Deep Space 9mm.

Had a nice chat and some beers with him at a gig in Belgium a couple of years back.
He's a very shy and quiet character.

Have you seen the REVENGE OF THE ROBOTS? Great documentary.

cagedbird 12.17.2009 10:47 PM


automatic bzooty 12.18.2009 12:17 AM


looking glass spectacle 12.18.2009 12:27 AM


loubarret 12.18.2009 04:03 AM


cagedbird 12.18.2009 05:17 AM


WBAI, 99.5 fm NYC
Ibrahim Gonzalez

sonic sphere 12.18.2009 06:53 AM


The Earl Of Slander 12.18.2009 07:11 AM


Originally Posted by The Earl Of Slander


I have no reservations about saying that this one of the top 10 records ever recorded, across all genres. It is up there with like Daydream Nation, White Light/White Heat, or Blonde on Blonde, or Kind Of Blue, or maybe a few others, as something which it fucking EMBEDDED IN MY HEART! Also when its past midnight, you have an exam the next day, and haven't revised, it is PERFECT!

Again, because it slays!

Satan 12.18.2009 07:43 AM


i actually like his version of heroin better than the vu

viewtiful_alan 12.18.2009 08:53 AM


This album is way slept on

noisereductions 12.18.2009 09:22 AM

^it is good. Better than BENEATH THE SURFACE anyway. Not as good as GRANDMASTERS.

sonic sphere 12.18.2009 09:30 AM


chicka 12.18.2009 11:56 AM

Roky looks like he has personal knowledge

SYRFox 12.18.2009 12:10 PM


chrome noise tape 12.18.2009 12:28 PM


the ikara cult 12.18.2009 12:48 PM


This is getting rapidly better the more i play it, I also love the little fence on the album cover that looks like a fretboard

cagedbird 12.18.2009 02:04 PM


Antagon 12.18.2009 02:12 PM

Shoc Corridor - Blind Sign

sonic sphere 12.18.2009 03:28 PM


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