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simulated stereo 11.01.2009 10:33 PM




deflinus 11.01.2009 11:30 PM


stu666 11.02.2009 05:05 AM


Florya 11.02.2009 06:42 AM

'Treny' by Jacaszek


TheFoxBen 11.02.2009 07:01 AM


sonic sphere 11.02.2009 07:11 AM


noisereductions 11.02.2009 08:22 AM


noisereductions 11.02.2009 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by Satan

i don't give a fuck what they say. i love you amy.

word. This album is really really solid all the way thru.

shabbray2.0 11.02.2009 08:38 AM


cpt. beef - icecream for crow
my fav. album from the captn

sonic sphere 11.02.2009 08:56 AM


TheFoxBen 11.02.2009 09:02 AM


Far from being my favorite GBV album but always great to hear again, and lo-fi as fuck.

"Invading my private space... And secretly she sees, and secretly she sees."

shabbray2.0 11.02.2009 09:08 AM

to the disturbing sounds of a hair dryer plus instrmntl by dabrye

sonic sphere 11.02.2009 10:48 AM


chicka 11.02.2009 11:02 AM

same as yesterday only louder.....BMR for those that forgot

loubarret 11.02.2009 11:49 AM


Savage Clone 11.02.2009 11:52 AM

Lately I have been listening to a LOT of Saint Vitus.
I think I am losing IQ points, but it feels too awesome to care.
I also just received the new Stone Breath LP in the mail, and I think it might be their finest work ever (and IMO they are one of the greatest dark/literate/experimental folk projects of our time). An absolute must for fans of this style.

sonic sphere 11.02.2009 03:42 PM


sonic sphere 11.02.2009 05:17 PM


automatic bzooty 11.02.2009 05:21 PM

patti smith - redondo beach, live jan '76

Savage Clone 11.02.2009 05:22 PM

Faust - Rien

I love Faust, but fucking hell is this one massive fucking snore of a boring LP.

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