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sonic sphere 10.31.2009 02:47 PM


Decayed Rhapsody 10.31.2009 03:09 PM



Seandi 10.31.2009 05:35 PM


simulated stereo 10.31.2009 06:34 PM



automatic bzooty 10.31.2009 07:26 PM


Norma J 10.31.2009 07:30 PM

Highways by Lanterna.

Beautiful record. The title is perfectly apt. It's instrumental music for driving your convertible in the desert.

stu666 10.31.2009 07:44 PM


automatic bzooty 10.31.2009 08:11 PM


Dead-Air 10.31.2009 08:57 PM

"Fuzzy and Blue" a Sesame Street video featuring Grover, Cookie Monster, and some other lesser known monster. Going over pretty well with Lennon, but I might put on the "Death Valley '69" video next.

Norma J 10.31.2009 10:48 PM

The Golden River by Frog Eyes

Seandi 10.31.2009 10:52 PM


Dead-Air 10.31.2009 10:59 PM

"Hollow Inside" - Buzzcocks

stu666 11.01.2009 05:26 AM


sonic sphere 11.01.2009 06:51 AM


Satan 11.01.2009 09:28 AM


i don't give a fuck what they say. i love you amy.

gmku 11.01.2009 09:35 AM

In spite of her fame, I know nothing about Amy's music.

Satan 11.01.2009 09:48 AM

back to black is really good, she has an amazing voice

and her lyrics are great too, she said "what kind of fuckery is this" on a song

gmku 11.01.2009 09:54 AM

I'm using the blind choice method of picking what I listen to these days. I open the tape drawer, close my eyes, and drop my finger. Whatever I land on, I have to play. Right now it's the first Ramones album. Not exactly what I'd normally pick for a Sunday morning!

[Sandbag] 11.01.2009 10:22 AM

magical mistery tour

Satan 11.01.2009 10:35 AM


i like this a whole lot.

early pavement = <3

cut your hair pavement = </3

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