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dirty bunny 09.20.2009 02:18 PM

Music for Men- The Gossip


stu666 09.20.2009 02:21 PM


jimbrim 09.20.2009 02:33 PM

Joy Orbison

stu666 09.20.2009 03:20 PM


sonic sphere 09.20.2009 03:29 PM


terriblecanyons 09.20.2009 03:30 PM


the big quasar 09.20.2009 03:33 PM


barry swedgin 09.20.2009 03:35 PM


greedrex 09.20.2009 03:48 PM

^^ it's not as good as the earlier LPs imo. I was disappointed. Not buying it.

greedrex 09.20.2009 03:53 PM

Chances are i'll be starting a thread to say how great this is within a month time though, as always.

barry swedgin 09.20.2009 03:54 PM

They are a new find for me. The earlier stuff is better?? WOW!

greedrex 09.20.2009 03:57 PM

listen to "I am come" and "Chart pimp".
and do it

greedrex 09.20.2009 03:58 PM

^^ Officially recommended by ~the Rex~

barry swedgin 09.20.2009 04:00 PM

Thriller reminds me of Sleep's Holy Mountain.

Torn Curtain 09.20.2009 04:27 PM

The Stooges - "You want my action" samples

SuperCreep 09.20.2009 04:31 PM


youthoftomorrow 09.20.2009 04:46 PM


the leaves are changing in Idaho. it's time to get out the autumn music. this is the best season for metal.

SuperCreep 09.20.2009 05:24 PM


greedrex 09.20.2009 05:37 PM

some of my Muse favourites (fuck you, this was discussed a while ago) while uploading a shit load with not uncool stuff onto the BRAND NEW I-POD.
OMFG, spoiled!

Dead-Air 09.20.2009 05:48 PM


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