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touch me i'm sick 12.31.2006 12:18 AM

rid of me -pj harvey

marleypumpkin 12.31.2006 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by HaydenAsche


...I Will Love This Love Forever.

I've had this siting on my PC for a long time, but just have never gotten around to listening to it. So, on yr word Hayden, I'll give it a listen later.

Listening to:

Jim O'Rourke - "Terminal Pharmacy"

HaydenAsche 12.31.2006 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by marleypumpkin
I've had this siting on my PC for a long time, but just have never gotten around to listening to it. So, on yr word Hayden, I'll give it a listen later.

Listening to:

Jim O'Rourke - "Terminal Pharmacy"

I'm not sure if you'll like it, Marley. I mean, based on your other music selections but it's definately worth a shot. Certain parts of the album still make me cry.

Phlegmscope 12.31.2006 08:20 AM

Today Is the Day - Sadness will prevail (disc1)

RdTv 12.31.2006 08:22 AM

Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain (MF Doom)

RdTv 12.31.2006 09:12 AM


m^a(t)h 12.31.2006 09:26 AM

slowdive - just for a day

RdTv 12.31.2006 10:15 AM

Miles Davis - Agharta

whorefrost 12.31.2006 01:37 PM

today I've had

Sightings - Absolutes
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Cecil Taylor - Conquistador
Ranaldo/Hooker - Celestial Answer
ToL - Metal Box disc 2

in that order.

whorefrost 12.31.2006 01:38 PM

although my girlfriend has just requested that we turn off ToL and I have humbly conceded to this request.

Inhuman 12.31.2006 03:58 PM


Now. Yeah, my friend put it on:

val-holla-ing 12.31.2006 05:11 PM

cibo matto-"white pepper ice cream" at the moment.

Signpost 12.31.2006 05:16 PM

Crawling With Tarts - Mayten's Throw

breligion 12.31.2006 06:06 PM



k-krack 12.31.2006 06:11 PM

Just listened to EVOL.

k-krack 12.31.2006 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by Inhuman

Now. Yeah, my friend put it on:


Ouch... *vomits*

Everyneurotic 12.31.2006 07:44 PM


deerhoof - friend opportunity
deerhoof - the runners four
do make say think - you, you're a history in rust
gila s/t
brainticket - cottonwoodhill

i'm in a huge krautrock kick lately, that and hardcore.

finding nobody 12.31.2006 10:27 PM

Modest Mouse- Lonesome Crowded West
Pixies- Trompe Le Monde
NOW: confusion is sex

sonic sphere 01.01.2007 09:10 AM

ramones-brain drain

Norma J 01.01.2007 08:04 PM

Sparta: Threes.

It was a christmas gift and I'm really diggin' this album. I didn't think I would. It's different than their previous albums.

finding nobody 01.01.2007 08:09 PM



Iain 01.01.2007 09:00 PM

Sun Ra and the Blues Project - Batman and Robin.

soapbars 01.01.2007 09:04 PM

bizarro by the wedding present

marleypumpkin 01.01.2007 10:34 PM

Primus - "The Brown Album"

nomadicfollower 01.01.2007 11:12 PM


Norma J 01.02.2007 12:12 AM

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Murder Ballads.

So he walked through the rain and he walked through the mud
Till he came to a place called The Bucket Of Blood
Stagger Lee

He said "Mr Motherfucker, you know who I am"
The barkeeper said, "No, and I don't give a good goddamn"
To Stagger Lee

He said, "Well bartender, it's plain to see
I'm that bad motherfucker called Stagger Lee"
Mr. Stagger Lee

Barkeep said, "Yeah, I've heard your name down the way
And I kick motherfucking asses like you every day"
Mr Stagger Lee

Well those were the last words that the barkeep said
'Cause Stag put four holes in his motherfucking head

Norma J 01.02.2007 01:13 AM

The Lost Patrol Band.

Inhuman 01.02.2007 01:16 AM


Originally Posted by Norma J
The Lost Patrol Band.


I'm listening to New York Noise Vol. 3 and on the obscure Ike Yard "Loss" track

Norma J 01.02.2007 01:21 AM

Cheers. Yeah I've owned this copy for a long time, but I bought another copy for a mate for his birthday whilst shopping today. So it gave me a craving it listen to it again. It's a fun record. They acheived what they set out to do. Dennis Lyxzen is one fucking talented man.

The 97th Hammer 01.02.2007 03:23 AM

Klaus Schulze-The "Cyborg" album
-Totally mindblowing

marleypumpkin 01.02.2007 04:26 AM

John Zorn - "Godard / Spillane"

jon boy 01.02.2007 05:46 AM


RdTv 01.02.2007 07:56 AM

Its funny thing really, I don't really like this album all that much at all, BUT, every once in a while I get a craving for three songs on the thing....

sonic sphere 01.02.2007 10:03 AM

iggy pop-nuggets

A Thousand Threads 01.02.2007 10:24 AM


but now its a Bardo Pond booty from 2003,
Mill Creek Tavern

The 97th Hammer 01.02.2007 09:17 PM

Klaus Schulze-The 'Cyborg' album-again.

Пятхъдесят Шест 01.02.2007 09:21 PM


Hip Priest 01.02.2007 09:24 PM

^ Who is it? The cover's nice.

Пятхъдесят Шест 01.02.2007 09:29 PM

Juana Molina of Argentina. The artwork is amazing,

Hip Priest 01.02.2007 09:32 PM

Thank you. I'm going to do a search for Juana Molina now.

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