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HeatherAngel 10.03.2006 05:47 PM

I'm listening to Pretty on the Hole

Cantankerous 10.03.2006 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by HeatherAngel
I'm listening to Pretty on the Hole

i love you.

static-harmony 10.03.2006 05:53 PM

I was into it a while back, like a week ago, but now im into Sonic Nurse.

Cantankerous 10.03.2006 05:59 PM

i go through phases of serious obsession. right now i'm playing 7"s all the time.

Pookie 10.03.2006 05:59 PM

Trost - Guy le superhero

Hip Priest 10.03.2006 06:25 PM


Pookie 10.03.2006 06:39 PM

The Nice - America

EMMAh 10.03.2006 06:50 PM

Scream ~ Misfits

HeatherAngel 10.03.2006 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
i love you.

if you like POTI, i love you too!

Norma J 10.03.2006 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by krastian


Great album. I always flirt with getting their most recent album when I'm at my local, but it's just alittle expensive right now. So I'm waiting for it to reduce in price which my local usually does by now.

finding nobody 10.03.2006 07:42 PM


The album art concept is one of the coolest things ever

TheDom 10.03.2006 07:43 PM

tell me how that is after you are done with it.

Cantankerous 10.03.2006 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by HeatherAngel
if you like POTI, i love you too!

i love everything they did up until celebrity skin. i hate celebrity skin.

EMMAh 10.03.2006 08:31 PM

There's a couple good songs on Celebrity Skin, I like Dying.

Annabel Lee ~ Tiger Army

Cantankerous 10.03.2006 08:32 PM

the whole album is pretty depressing and horribly produced. it's too commercial for my tastes but i like petals.

nomadicfollower 10.03.2006 08:42 PM


Deerhoof being the only band I've listened to for some days.

Cantankerous 10.03.2006 08:52 PM

not that i like deerhoof but what a great album cover

nomadicfollower 10.03.2006 08:54 PM

You don't like Deerhoof?
Yeah, it is a great cover.

EMMAh 10.03.2006 09:04 PM

Water ~ PJ Harvey

noisemachine 10.03.2006 09:05 PM

Some recent Fiery Furnaces show.

Cantankerous 10.03.2006 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by nomadicfollower
You don't like Deerhoof?
Yeah, it is a great cover.

they;re not really to my taste.

soapbars 10.03.2006 09:27 PM

city of the dead by throwing muses

EMMAh 10.03.2006 09:29 PM

Splatter Punk ~ Quincy Punx

Пятхъдесят Шест 10.03.2006 09:29 PM


soapbars 10.03.2006 09:45 PM

iron man by black sabbath

Everyneurotic 10.03.2006 09:51 PM

Fushitsusha - 1981-Nov-18 Shinjuka Jam, Tokyo Japan

HaydenAsche 10.03.2006 10:53 PM

ATDI - Vaya

Soon, I'll be listening to mewithoutYou's ABLife.

krastian 10.04.2006 12:04 AM


youthoftomorrow 10.04.2006 01:04 AM

Everyneurotic's mixtape.

Androol 10.04.2006 01:43 AM

pussy galore

Tokolosh 10.04.2006 02:48 AM


Tokolosh 10.04.2006 04:57 AM


Gulasch Noir 10.04.2006 05:10 AM


Hip Priest 10.04.2006 05:11 AM


finding nobody 10.04.2006 06:22 AM


Tokolosh 10.04.2006 07:05 AM


Merzbow - Pulse Demon

sonic sphere 10.04.2006 07:59 AM

bodycount- bodycount

Hip Priest 10.04.2006 08:05 AM


Tokolosh 10.04.2006 08:37 AM


Glice 10.04.2006 08:42 AM


I had completely forgotten how great his band were until recently. Although Sound Verite was a bit shite.

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