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stu666 12.03.2008 02:15 PM

6majik9 - In Mara's Glove


noisereductions 12.03.2008 02:16 PM

The wolf motif is probably my favorite part of it. haha. I dnt know, it's just not as, uh hooky, catchy, or dare I say poppy as the remainder of their output.

Sonic Youth 37 12.03.2008 02:26 PM

Yeah, there is definitely a lack of crooning. Walk Among Us was full of Glenn crooning people to give him their skulls or sending his astro zombies to rape the land.
Also style-wise

Early Misfits:

Later Misfits:

I won't venture into the non-Danzig era.

Now listening:

greedrex 12.03.2008 02:58 PM


always great


kind of boring

noisereductions 12.03.2008 03:23 PM

I have some of the Non-Danizg Misfits stuff. It's not horrible. It's just not even close to what the Misfits were with Danzig. But if you think of them as The New Misfits or something, then it's just sort of fun kitchy horror punk pop.

stu666 12.03.2008 03:33 PM


noisereductions 12.03.2008 03:42 PM

stu, where do you find these bands?

stu666 12.03.2008 03:50 PM

^ well mainly from here i suppose and is very good aswell.

batreleaser 12.03.2008 03:56 PM

tons of freaky harsh noise and power electronics because i went on a downloading spree (so im a bad fan, sue me)

sick llama-alien facial 5
sick llama-rendering factor blues 5
kylie minoise-spank magic lodge
kylie minoise-junky erotica
the gerogerigegege-tokyo anal dynamite
the gerogerigegege-senzuri champion
the grey wolves-punishment
nausea-lie circle (not noise but part of the spree, then again prolly as noise as any punk rock thing could get, maybe even more so than no wave with those ultra rhythmic drums and no direction jacksaw guitars, good stuff nonetheless)

of course inbetween all that noise (this was seriously one consecutive thing, im at the end of the semester and staying up all night on adderal comes with the territory) ive gave myself a break with some of my favorites (of course only freaks like me would consider entombed a break on my ears)

neil young-weld
robbie basho-the falconer's arm
robbie basho-art of the accoustic steel string guitar 6 and 10
royal trux-sweet 16
ugk-greatest hits
sun ra bootlegs
some germs bootlegs my little brothers just sent me in the mail

blah blah etc..

also, id like to take the oppurtunity to say that fag tapes owner heath moreland aka sick llama is making some of the best noise ive been hearing lately. like fellow michigan native mammal, hes drawing upon a deverse amount of styles and only using the electronic noise format as the means of conveying all these influences. when it comes to harsh noise or synth noise or power electronics or drone blah blah, i want to be absolutley ear shredded in the likes of masonna or gerogerigegege or absolutley mesmerized and/or hyponotized, which is what most drone artists are doing, mammal, and of course sick llama. stuff like merzbow is the gateway and sounds cool at first, but after a while it gets lame because it neither hits as hard or takes you as far out as the other more underground shit.

anyways, sick llama. i really dig this stuff. you can tell that the guy has a massive record collection; his music draws upon the harsh noise and drone youd expect, but also strangely (or not) i can hear early detrot techno, lots of dub, and even some hip hop beats and rhythms buried deep under the tones. the music is fucked up and freaky as well as sorta hypnotic and trippy. this is drug music this is maybe even noise id consider playing at a barbeque, so next time inbetween hendrix and wu tang, therell be 5 minutes of everybody nodding out into thier budweiser, marijuana, and overeating induced highs. yes.

gmku 12.03.2008 04:02 PM

Last night in bed I was listening to the No New York album (taped copy) until the batteries in my Walkman petered out.

stu666 12.03.2008 04:13 PM


Avarus - Jättiläisrotta (listen for free here )

Derek 12.03.2008 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by gmku
Last night in bed I was listening to the No New York album (taped copy) until the batteries in my Walkman petered out.

don't you love the final minute before it dies out? eeeeeevvvverrryyyytthhiinnnng soouuuundddddsss liiiiikkeeeeee tttthhhhhiiiisssss

Sonic Youth 37 12.03.2008 04:33 PM

Walk Among Us and Earth A.D. again.

stu666 12.03.2008 04:59 PM

Lau Nau - Nukkuu


sarramkrop 12.03.2008 05:04 PM

Twin Crystals

gmku 12.03.2008 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by Derek
don't you love the final minute before it dies out? eeeeeevvvverrryyyytthhiinnnng soouuuundddddsss liiiiikkeeeeee tttthhhhhiiiisssss

Actually mine doesn't slow down. The volume just gets lower and lower, and then there's this piercing tape howl that takes over.

gohleekwang 12.03.2008 06:26 PM

Leonard Cohen - Various Positions

gohleekwang 12.04.2008 03:42 AM

Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising
first time in the past 5 years (or longer)

stu666 12.04.2008 04:05 AM

Robe - Boneraiser (good stuff Adam and Kyle)

stu666 12.04.2008 06:22 AM


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