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krastian 07.15.2006 03:24 AM


Nobody's taking your place.....

bloom 07.15.2006 03:53 AM

Jack deJohnette

screamingskull 07.15.2006 02:05 PM

Fleetwood Mac - Crystal
Todd Rundren - No.1 Lowest Common Denominator

acousticrock87 07.15.2006 02:08 PM

At the same time? Wow.

I'm listening to Sister.

SolidZach 07.15.2006 06:39 PM

the cure-japanese whispers

foldback 07.15.2006 07:00 PM

Sonic Youth - Bonnaroo, That Tent, 06.18.2006

Norma J 07.15.2006 07:15 PM

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Give It Back!

Wonderful album.

against_the_grain 07.15.2006 07:57 PM

Led Zeppelin's latest soundboard boot from a few months ago.....

Live in Vancouver, BC March 19, 1975. Excellent performance and recording....from a professional mix....

Norma J 07.15.2006 08:37 PM

The Drones - Wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by

Really cool album. They supported Dinosaur Jr at the beginning of this year, I think it was. I saw them live a few weeks ago and I dug them alot.

finding nobody 07.16.2006 12:29 AM


Cantankerous 07.16.2006 12:32 AM

and i just don't know what i waaaaant

etc etc

afterthefact 07.16.2006 12:38 AM

mogwai - a cheery wave from stranded youngsters

Tokolosh 07.16.2006 07:27 AM


joseghast 07.16.2006 08:12 AM

Scott Walker - the Drift

Trasher02 07.16.2006 08:15 AM


Awesome instumental band.
The flames behind the cold mountain must be one of the most sentimentel songs I've ever heared.

RdTv 07.16.2006 08:25 AM

Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics

trying to prepare myself for the show next month....

Hip Priest 07.16.2006 11:31 AM

Test Match Special on Radio Four.

It's the fourth day of the first test, England vs Pakistan.

finding nobody 07.16.2006 12:41 PM


sonic sphere 07.16.2006 04:22 PM

the jesus & mary chain-the sound of speed

TheDom 07.16.2006 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by finding nobody

Great album. I'm glad you decided to check them out after I told you about them:D

krastian 07.16.2006 04:53 PM


screamingskull 07.16.2006 05:03 PM

The Rolling Stones - Gimmie Shelter, i heard it in the simpsons earlier and had to go listen to it!

acousticrock87 07.16.2006 05:04 PM

Krastian, how is that? I see it down at the record store in CD and Vinyl every time I go down there. Dunno anything about it, though.

TheDom 07.16.2006 05:06 PM


nomadicfollower 07.16.2006 05:16 PM

Kicker conspiracy.

krastian 07.16.2006 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by acousticrock87
Krastian, how is that? I see it down at the record store in CD and Vinyl every time I go down there. Dunno anything about it, though.

I love it man.....if you like the SYR's/their instrumental side projects and what not then you'll like it. It's Mats Gustafsson on tubax, tenor sax, and French flageolet, Jim O'Rourke on synth/computer and Thurston on guitar (obviously). Gustafsson takes his horns to a whole other level....he's great.

Daycare Nation 07.16.2006 08:13 PM


HaydenAsche 07.16.2006 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by Daycare Nation

What is that?

Right now: Yeah Yeah Yeah's Fever To Tell

Earlier: Asthmatic Kitten Sampler
Sufjan's Avalanche
Xiu Xiu's Tu Mi Piaci
Deerhoof's Runners Four

acousticrock87 07.16.2006 08:17 PM

That's the Son, Ambulence CD. I read some interview with him and Conor or something back when he started, on Saddle Creek. Haven't really listened to it, though. It's always right next to Sonic Youth.

Daycare Nation 07.16.2006 08:20 PM

Yeah, Son, Ambulance: Key. I like it a lot, although some songs are stronger than's really good, though.

k-krack 07.16.2006 08:39 PM

1-Speed Bike's debut.. he should get to work on another..

Пятхъдесят Шест 07.16.2006 08:59 PM

Radio China International at 9570 kHz .

Strange music.

nomadicfollower 07.16.2006 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by Daycare Nation

Never heard of the band, but that's pretty sweet cover art.

Daycare Nation 07.16.2006 09:04 PM



k-krack 07.16.2006 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by Daycare Nation


good ep (smiles)

Cantankerous 07.16.2006 09:17 PM


krastian 07.16.2006 10:18 PM


terminal pharmacy 07.16.2006 11:33 PM


Cantankerous 07.16.2006 11:36 PM


krastian 07.16.2006 11:38 PM

^No shit, I'm listening to My Favorite Things right now.

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