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Hip Priest 08.18.2006 07:42 AM

Madonna. Madonna's cool. I've never understood Kylie's appeal, either physically or artistically.

Tokolosh 08.18.2006 07:43 AM


That's the one!! He's such a pathetic character in that. Brilliant!!

porkmarras 08.18.2006 07:48 AM

Those actors/comedians i find more inspiring than the majority of musicians sometimes.

Hip Priest 08.18.2006 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
Those actors/comedians i find more inspiring than the majority of musicians sometimes.

With some notable exceptions (perhaps only one exception: Stephen Poliakoff), there are no great playwrights working for television anymore, which is a shame. I feel that it's the actor/comedian/writers who have taken their place in terms of intelligent and thoughtful television.

porkmarras 08.18.2006 08:01 AM

Another unsung genius who needs a special mention is Patrick Marber(who happens to be a very talented play writer too).
Overrated:Simon Pegg(studenty humor and lack of bite in the writing).

Tokolosh 08.18.2006 08:01 AM

One things for sure, the Brits have the best comedy on the planet.
Very refreshing stuff and they really know how to take the piss out of themselves.

porkmarras 08.18.2006 08:02 AM

essential reading:

porkmarras 08.18.2006 08:03 AM

Lovely pic of him too:

Tokolosh 08.18.2006 08:05 AM


The episode with the safari jockeys and the artist formally known as Prince, made me piss in my pants. I'm laughing right now, just thinking about it. Ha! Ha!

Pookie 08.18.2006 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
Overrated:Simon Pegg(studenty humor and lack of bite in the writing).

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to porkmarras again.

I thought I was the only one.

porkmarras 08.18.2006 08:08 AM

Yep that safari prince sketch is hilarious!Another one who i think is a total genius would have to be Armando Iannucci.He's like a scottish Woody Allen but much more unmerciful.

porkmarras 08.18.2006 08:14 AM


Watch our video interview with
Armando Iannucci

October 2005 - Armando chats about The Thick of It...
Making best use of a 'Reality Consultant', non-conventional production techniques and how The Thick of It will grow and grow...
Watch the Interview
Running time approximately 12 minutes.

More Armando and related things

Our other interview with Armando and clips from 2004 - The Stupid Version
The Thick of It - BBC Four
Cast-member Chris Addison talks about The Thick of It
Armando in the Comedy Guide
Alan Partridge
Armando on Yes Minister
Hidden Eggs on the The Day Today DVD - pdf file
The Day Today Wallpaper

fishmonkey 08.18.2006 08:22 AM

awww shit porkie.....
been a fruit myself i love em both but c'mon Kylie's been thru a few hard months with Brest Cancer so i picked her..

Madonna missed it by a slight margin... she'll be ok though shes got Guy Richie.

porkmarras 08.18.2006 08:23 AM

Here's another recent addition to my comedy heroes and thank you again toxic johnny for info.In the end i couldn't get tickets for his last show.

David Hoyle Back in the ’90s, long before the open-all-hours muscle crowd moved in, Vauxhall’s sole homosexualist hurdy-gurdy was Duckie, and its deliciously monstrous doyen was the Divine David, as embodied by David Hoyle. The Divine David, who was not so much a drag queen as the bitter conscience of alternative queerdom, met his end at the climax of a glacial spectacular at Streatham Ice Arena in June 2000 but now, following a tactical withdrawal to Manchester for a spot of contemplation (or ‘staring at the wall, rocking gently to and fro’), his creator returns to the London stage with ‘David Hoyle SOS’. July 11-15 at the Soho Theatre. See Gay preview, page 80.

porkmarras 08.18.2006 08:27 AM


porkmarras 08.18.2006 08:52 AM

I've been seriously thinking of submitting some writings and ideas to the above person.

Pookie 08.18.2006 08:55 AM

Just get him to read this board.

porkmarras 08.18.2006 09:00 AM


porkmarras 08.18.2006 09:38 AM

David Hoyle aka the Divine David


Time Out welcomes back the artist formerly known as the Divine David

Six years ago, David Hoyle took to his blades at the Streatham Ice Arena and spectacularly killed off the Divine David. The persona he had created a decade earlier had established a unique position in London’s queer cultural life, a sort of anti-drag act caustically lamenting the narcissism of the gay mainstream – ‘the biggest suicide cult in history’ – through song, dance, painting and whatever else took his fancy. In many ways he was an idealistic, even visionary, creation, although the constructive element to his diatribes wasn’t always the focus of the response. Article continues
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‘In a way the Divine David became the patron saint of decadence and nihilism and all the rest of it, and it’s hard for that not to affect your own actions,’ Hoyle recalls. In the end, he felt, the character was doing him more harm than good. ‘As much as I used to say, “Oh yes, you have to be very sure of your identity to be doing all this business,” I don’t think I actually was. If you’re used to creating aliases and camouflage and all that sort of palaver, eventually you have to peel it all away and work out who you are.’

What followed was a period of reflection characterised, Hoyle wryly confides, by extended contemplation of the wallpaper in his Manchester flat – ‘just rocking to and fro, you know, the days merging, the seasons coming and going.’ Going cold turkey from performing ‘was very, very difficult to start with, really weird. I’m convinced my body was still producing massive amounts of adrenaline,’ but it also offered an overdue chance to get to know the neighbours; they’ve recently succeeded in creating a housing association-backed communal garden, ‘and that gave me more satisfaction than anything, really.’

Communing with nature also played its part in Hoyle’sreturn to performance (along with a rather fab role as a self-obsessed pop mogul in Chris Morris’s ‘Nathan Barley’). As part of last year’s ‘It’s Queer Up North’ festival, he made a garden inside the Contact Theatre in Manchester. ‘The run was extended because people were just going in. It was an entity. The bamboos were growing about six or seven inches a day – you had to be careful where you stood.’

It was at this time that he met Sarah Frankcom, who directed his return to the stage – ‘David Hoyle’s SOS’, which comes to the Soho Theatre next week – as part of ‘It’s Queer Up North’ this year. ‘If it is a comeback then it’s David Hoyle who’s coming back, not the Divine David. I’m convinced that the Divine David’s definitely got rigor mortis. Even though I died on ice, I think the body’s gone in the lime pit.’ So for the first time he’s playing it straight(ish). ‘At 43 I just thought, well, maybe you should just try being David Hoyle, see how it goes.’

Accordingly, ‘SOS’ is more autobiographical than earlier work. ‘This show’s inspired by my childhood, really. I’m from Blackpool so you’ve got all that showbusiness seaside stuff going on. It was quite innocent – just good fun. I’d like to think I’m bringing the seaside to Soho – during those five days, nobody need go to Brighton or anywhere, all they have to do is go up Dean Street.’

Admirers of the performer’s moves will also be gratified to hear that ‘dance will be fully celebrated. I’ll definitely be sharing my love of dance. Because dance to me transcends language, it’s a vocabulary all of its own.’ With costumes by Sandy Powell – who worked with Derek Jarman, on Todd Haynes’ ‘Velvet Goldmine’ (in which Hoyle had a part) and won an Oscar for Scorsese’s ‘The Aviator’ – there should be no shortage of razzle-dazzle, though the title’s pun – is that Show of Shows or Save Our Souls? – suggests the familiar acerbic sensibility won’t be buried too deeply.

If the louche pleasures of last month’s informal one-off ‘When David Met Justin’ (a ‘Desert Island Discs’-style two-hander with Justin Bond – aka Kiki of Kiki & Herb – at Bush Hall) is anything to go by, Hoyle is relishing his return to the stage, revitalised by what he calls his ‘40 days and 40 nights’. ‘I don’t want to be one of these people who’s going to go on about my drugs hell or whatever – blah, blah, blah – because on the whole I’ve enjoyed life, whatever’s gone on. But things are different now. They have to be. And it’s nice when friends say “you’re looking well”, you know, as opposed to “you’re looking like a corpse,” or “you look like you’ve got TB.” ’
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Ben Walters, Mon Jul 3

porkmarras 08.18.2006 12:26 PM

Back to Madge and Kylie now:

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