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!@#$%! 04.01.2006 04:23 AM

the stone! (zorn's venue) - anybody's been there?
oh man oh man

went tonight @ the 8pm show. fucking incredible! saw these guys:

Okkyung Lee (cello) George Lewis (trombone) Vijay Iyer (piano)

they improvised ah so incredibly. at some point george lewis took the trombone apart & started blowing the embouchure into the bell.... okkyung lee was particularly amazing!!! played the shit out of her cello, got all kinds of sounds out of it (i bought her cd afterwards). vijay iyer was great & provided the glue between the 2 more adventurous improvisers-- though he did some cage-ian string manipulation though, very cool. ah i don't have the vocabulary to describe what happened. i wish i had taped it, though it's not allowed...

my first time in this place and what a great surprise. nice little crowd, very spartan setting, but the people running it are very very pleasant. a great experience.

next time you're in new york, GO HERE!!

Iain 04.01.2006 05:15 AM

Hmmm....sounds like a good show. Vijay Iyer is playing Cheltenham jazz festival next month I think. I might go if it's not too expensive

golden child 04.01.2006 05:03 PM

yeah i saw jim o'rourke there back in june. pretty cool

amyvega 04.01.2006 05:13 PM

i live a block away and i never see anyone there, i thought it closed...

!@#$%! 04.01.2006 10:01 PM


Originally Posted by amyvega
i live a block away and i never see anyone there, i thought it closed...


hah hah thats funny though, especially considering i live over 2K miles away. but anyway yes it's open, the corner of 2nd and Ave C, the door is @ the corner itself, a simple glass door, a small space inside. they have shows daily @ 8 & 10 and i was going again tonight but had sleep attack!!

the one that almost closed btw was tonic, zorn moved out of there, that club goes on though (for now).

amyvega 04.01.2006 11:04 PM

i thought that space was an art gallery! weird...

perfectwagnerite 04.02.2006 09:43 PM

Times like this i wished i lived in NYC...........

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