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Anagrama 12.15.2009 06:14 PM

Top Ten Favorite Bands/Artists
I'm sure this has been done here before, but fuckit I'm new. So... I'll start:

Sonic Youth
Flaming Lips
Animal Collective
Tom Waits
Jackie-O Motherfucker
GY!BE/A Silver Mt. Zion
The Cure


Derek 12.15.2009 06:29 PM On the first page also!

Death & the Maiden 12.15.2009 07:54 PM

But now we get to be more specific!

These Immortal Souls
Rowland S. Howard
Laughing Clowns
Ed Kuepper
Einstuerzende Neubauten
The Verlaines
Haunted Henschel
Sonic Youth
Malice Mizer (92-94 only)

StevOK 12.15.2009 08:29 PM

Glad to see you here, Riley. :)

Tripping Daisy (and the Polyphonic Spree)
The Beatles (and their solo works)
Sonic Youth (and Jim O'Rourke's stuff)
The Pixies (and their solo works)
My Bloody Valentine
Electric Light Orchestra
The Flaming Lips
Guided By Voices

dionysusundone 12.15.2009 09:43 PM

Sisters Of Mercy
The Cure
Beach Boys
The Birthday Party
Joy Division
Beat Happening
Field Mice
Scott Walker

StevOK 12.15.2009 09:56 PM

Shit, I forgot Of Montreal.

gmku 12.16.2009 01:30 AM

Only 10? Why not 20?

GeneticKiss 12.16.2009 01:58 AM

Sonic Youth
Pink Floyd
Massive Attack
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Vines...yes, that's right, the Vines. I think they're the most underrated band of the past 10 years. Get over it.

Inhuman 12.16.2009 02:03 AM

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
The Beatles
A Silver Mt.Zion
Vashti Bunyan
Sonic Youth
Masta Killa
Half Japanese
Silver Jews
Sunburned Hand of the Man

simulated stereo 12.16.2009 05:33 AM

Pere Ubu
Sonic Youth
Sun Ra
Flaming Lips
Ornette Coleman
Butthole Surfers
Lee Perry

batreleaser 12.16.2009 07:19 PM

Van Morrison
the Velvet Underground
the Stones
Black Flag
Game Theory
Throbbing Gristle
Joy Division
Albert Ayler
Half Japanese
Sonic Youth
Sun City Girls

batreleaser 12.16.2009 07:20 PM

o shit I dont even have the stooges on there, 10 isnt enough.

narlus 12.16.2009 08:44 PM

10 is clearly not enough. but it's a fun exercise nonetheless.

Sun City Girls
Neil Young
Blue Oyster Cult
John Zorn
Guided By Voices
The Verlaines
Bill Callahan/Smog
Loren Connors
Robyn Hitchcock

batreleaser 12.17.2009 10:26 AM

holy fuck i didnt even include scg

punkaspoo 12.17.2009 10:54 AM

Peaches Spread The Seasons

Torn Curtain 12.19.2009 06:34 PM

Alphabetical order:

Jeff Buckley
Tim Buckley
The Cure
Serge Gainsbourg
The Notwist
Sonic Youth
The Stooges
Scott Walker
Neil Young

afterthefact 12.20.2009 06:24 AM

In no particular order (and maybe not even really all in my top 10, although I don't feel like thinking too hard at 6 AM):

Keiji Haino
Sonic Youth
Fred Frith
Alkaline Trio
Brand New
Jim O'Rourke
Charles Mingus

Note: If you don't like some of my choices and are judging me negatively, pleae replace the unwanted bands with ones you think are cool, and then pos rep me based on the new list.

Dead-Air 12.20.2009 12:17 PM

Sonic Youth
Sun Ra
John Cage
Brian Eno
Sun City Girls
Velvet Underground
Legendary Pink Dots
The Fall

ni'k 12.20.2009 08:47 PM

Recently- skaters, hospitals, fall, harry pussy, xiu xiu, focus group, nirvana, brainbombs, hair police, scout niblett.

Dead-Air 12.20.2009 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by ni'k
Recently- skaters, hospitals, fall, harry pussy, xiu xiu, focus group, nirvana, brainbombs, hair police, scout niblett.

really, Scout Niblett in your top ten ever? I saw her open for Shellac and she was good, but what's the secret to thinking she's a genius rather than just sort of talented/cute?

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