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RIPfrey05 06.17.2006 11:43 PM

Prurient..Shit or Art??
I saw Prurient, it was pretty intense... no much sexual rage in one small gothic dude.. what's your opinion of the man.. DOm Fernow?
It's way better than the deuchbags who just sit at a mixing board/ circuit bent speak n spell/ whatever weird ass little thing with knobs.:mad:

HaydenAsche 06.17.2006 11:46 PM


PAULYBEE2656 06.18.2006 03:25 AM

Its Art But Shitart And I Dont Mean Its Crap. Its Just Nasty. The Album Is Real Good By The Way

golden child 06.18.2006 06:00 AM

prurient does some cool shit.

Toilet & Bowels 06.18.2006 06:22 AM

when i saw a video of him play it looked great, when i actually saw him play it was very boring, he barely moved and didn't even face the crowd.

RIPfrey05 06.18.2006 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by Toilet & Bowels
when i saw a video of him play it looked great, when i actually saw him play it was very boring, he barely moved and didn't even face the crowd.

Deammmm, when i saw him he chilled for a few seconds messing with knobs and the rest of the time fucking flipped out and threw shit and broke everything and weny phsyco.

val-holla-ing 06.18.2006 12:11 PM

doo doo. that type of noise just doesn't do anything for me.

jon boy 06.18.2006 01:04 PM

saw him a while ago in leeds and was impressed for the short time he played but then his equipment just blew up so that was that. it would be better to see a full set, but he was ok.

m^a(t)h 06.23.2006 11:29 PM


atari 2600 06.23.2006 11:43 PM

every picture tells a story


The Watcher 05.25.2011 10:08 PM

Can you believe dude signed to Hydra Head? What a crazy mixed up word, in which we live in....... I really liked Cocaine Death, interested where this crazy mixed up S-O-B is going next.......

gast30 05.26.2011 02:15 AM

reading all the comment here
that it's shit and boring
i'm not even going to google the dude

"i'm not even going to google the dude"- what a modern internet terminology

this morning ...on the internet
top 20 most beautifull woman
i thought i have a look, knowing it was going to be shit
and it was

all fucking shit
the end

SYRFox 05.26.2011 03:24 AM

art can be shit. shit can be art.

atsonicpark 05.26.2011 05:39 AM

HISTORY OF AIDS is a modern classic.

Derek 05.26.2011 07:06 AM

I don't like noise really but Prurient is great.

Derek 05.26.2011 10:15 AM

Check out this awesome message someone sent to my tumblr:

"also anon has more questions Q_o
why iz ur muzik so sad? it iz so sad i can't move when i listen 2 it i lie in mah bed and breathe heavily but i can't think about n.e.thing and i feel overwhelmed but idk about what?
y r u lyk trying 2 make me feel theez emotions?
r u a FAGGOT or a WOMAN b/c imo only a PUSSY BITCH could be so obsessed with theez kindof pathetic soundz. tell me what it is that iz wrong wif u??? do u have any mental disorders sir? and when u listen to/make this music do u feel as i do????????"

jon boy 05.26.2011 10:27 AM

i wouldnt really say it was art but he is good, i have enjoyed his stuff for a while.

lets see how many sheep like him now t has played with him:

Derek 05.26.2011 11:30 AM

i wish he wus muh boifweeeeend
i wish he wus muh boifweeeeend
ide luv him 2 da veery end
butt insteed he iz juust a fwend
i wish he wus muh boifweeeeend

Derek 05.26.2011 11:40 AM

It's not Hayden, it's a guy that sent me zines this one time I found out.

My girlfriend has an Irish name, weirdly enough.

Derek 05.26.2011 11:45 AM


Also, my second name (McArthur) is supposedly Irish. I'm one of you MAN.

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