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_tunic_ 11.25.2019 07:10 AM

Kim Gordon & Dimitri Chamblas “parades For Fiac”


The above picture is sourced from this blog

This is unfortunately already a past event from October this year in Paris but I decided to make a thread for it anyway. Because this video (even though only a snippet of the performance) is stunning:

KIM GORDON & DIMITRI CHAMBLAS “PARADES FOR FIAC” (excerpts) Paris, American center for art and culture - 20/10/19
(and there's more SY related goodies on his YT and Vimeo channels)

Here are some more details about the event:

Apparently there were two evenings (as I found out from that picture blog post):
- night 1 at 19/10 at the Louvre
- night 2 at 20/10 at American center for art and culture
both nights it was a 20 minute performance

here's a video of another performance at American Swedish Institute, sadly also only a snippet: go

Some more details and links and pictures are on the site of Dimitri Chamblas

The Soup Nazi 12.18.2019 12:48 AM

When I first saw this thread I thought it said, "Kim Gordon & Dimitri Chamblas 'Parades For FLAC'".

The eye-brain connection is a tricky thing...

d.sound 12.19.2019 10:20 PM

Ha. I had to read it again after your post, soup. I still hadn't noticed.

_tunic_ 12.20.2019 10:27 AM

I initially titled the thread as "Ballet dancer uses Kim Gordon's foot as a phone while she lays on the floor and holds her guitar in the air", but it didn't fit :mad:

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