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The Soup Nazi 02.15.2019 08:13 PM

Hear PJ Harvey debut new songs on Radio 4

From Uncut:


Yesterday's [February 11's] edition of BBC Radio 4's Behind The Scenes followed PJ Harvey as she composed and recorded a score for Ivo Van Hove's stage adaptation of All About Eve.

The score includes two new PJ Harvey songs, sung in the play by actors Gillian Anderson and Lily James. Hear a clip of one, "The Moth":

Says Harvey in the programme: "The play resonated with me immediately because Margo, the lead character, is an ageing actress who's at that point where she's feeling uncomfortable on stage. As a female performer I understand those feelings".

Discussing her decision to take a break from the album/touring schedule to write the score, she says: "You also weigh it up with 'OK, I've done this half my life, do I want to continue this way? Or do I maybe want to try something different?' I think you can never lay hard lines down like that, I think you just have to go with the moment, and right now I have enormous pleasure writing scores for theatre".

Listen to the whole episode of Radio 4's Behind The Scenes: PJ Harvey on BBC Sounds here. All About Eve is currently showing at London's Nol Coward theatre.

I'm still trying to figure out how to capture this damn thing...

_tunic_ 02.16.2019 04:47 AM

cool, will check it out. Ivo Van Hove is the guy that made the Lazarus play together with David Bowie.
I assume the capture of this will show up on Dime some time soon

The Soup Nazi 02.21.2019 06:57 PM

I was recommended get_iplayer ("A utility for downloading TV and radio programmes from BBC iPlayer" — does it get any more specifically helpful?) and it worked like a charm! Don't think it's Dimeable, though, so if anybody wants it, post your request on this thread.

The Soup Nazi 04.20.2019 07:36 PM

BBC Sounds Behind The Scenes: PJ Harvey's All About Eve score

61.2MB zip file (63.2MB 320kbps mp4, 27:31, + txt info)

The Soup Nazi 04.21.2019 03:42 AM

AllMusic's review:

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