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evollove 06.11.2012 03:08 PM

home recording questions
relating to audacity.

1- I import wav files from various sources to build the song in Audacity. It seems that when I start stacking them in Audacity, there is a loss of quality. I play the wav in VLC, sounds great. I add it too several other wavs in Audacity, not so great. Is this my imagination? I'm doing the default 44100/32-bits (and I frankly have no idea what that really means) if that has anything to do with it.

2-Assuming the answer's "Yes, there is a loss of quality with your cheap-ass system," I'd like to take the wavs to a proper studio. Trouble is, they are all in bits. At home, I don't mind shifting around a two-second clip in Audacity until I get it in the right spot, but this'll take forever in a studio. How do you make a small clip take up the entire track, so I can export all the clips, take them to a studio and have them all synch up? I mean, if I have a three second bit floating at the two minute mark, how can I turn that into a track with silence all around that three second bit?

I know. I also wish I had a better grasp of the technical language. If my questions make no sense--I think I really garbled that second one--I'll try again (and your patience).

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