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ZEROpumpkins 06.25.2008 07:23 AM

I have not stopped listening to them for three weeks straight now:D. So I'm right up for a conversation about them.......

SYRFox 06.25.2008 07:28 AM

Autechre RULES! But I wouldn't say they're machines, even in t heir most abstract albums I can clearly hear humanity behind it all

ZEROpumpkins 06.25.2008 07:32 AM

Maybe you should have a look at some of the patchers they wrote for Max/Msp. I tried some of them out, and one of them even creates complex rhythms on command! And with each press off a button the pattern completely changes.

PAULYBEE2656 06.25.2008 07:35 AM


they do consistently make challenging music which is both beautiful and fucking difficult to listen to... years and years has gone by since basscadet and incublaubla and yet their quality hasnt diminished.. it may have faded and got diluted in parts but its was always inheritingly there....

stereolab, shellac, autechre..3 bands that guarantee a quality new album...

my fav ae recordings are probably

peel sessions 1
chiastic slide

autechre- live in dublin 2006
insanely loud gig.. and in virtually complete darkness...

and the brilliant gantz gaff

greedrex 06.25.2008 07:35 AM

they are the best electronic act , period
me likey confield, EP7, LP5 , chiastic slide best.
but the rest is still good
the last one is a beat of a let down
pun intended

Everyneurotic 06.25.2008 11:26 AM

is it two months already?

Glice 06.25.2008 11:43 AM

I have problems with this band. Not personally, don't know the fellas, I'm sure they're lovely. But I don't really like it a great deal. I think my problem is that you can't dance to them, but they're not quite head-scratchy enough to be on Mego, let alone Raster-Noton.

This is where someone tells me they're now signed to both labels. Black Dog - yes please!

SYRFox 06.25.2008 11:44 AM

I personnally can't do anything but dancing at Pen Expers... I find it really groovy

batreleaser 06.25.2008 02:25 PM

i am in agreement that they are the best electronic artists of all time. they, and aphex twin of course, totally changed my view of what electronic music can be. i used to think of it as cold, emotionless, and overtly stupid music. but then i heard 'confield' and 'the richard d james album' and shit was i wrong. they make extremly emotional sounds and expressive music with machines, incredible. 'confield' and 'draft.730' are my favorites by them. 'quarstice' is incredible too, surprsing how underwhelming its response was.

Cantankerous 06.25.2008 02:28 PM

they're pretty okay i suppose. i don't really have an opinion either way.

greedrex 06.25.2008 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by batreleaser
i am in agreement that they are the best electronic artists of all time.

great minds think alike
but quaristice doesn't even start to compare to confield.
the pieces are short and sound under developped (to me)

batreleaser 06.25.2008 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by greedrex
great minds think alike
but quaristice doesn't even start to compare to confield.
the pieces are short and sound under developped (to me)

i didnt say it compared. i just think 'quarstice' is great, and really fuckin underrated, didnt get as much exposure or press as other autechre releases have gotten. 'confield' however, is a modern day classic.

atsonicpark 06.26.2008 11:47 AM

pretty sure we've had this thread.

Used to be totally obsessed with them, I've completely worn out all their albums, they and electronic music in general has bored me for a while but they're still pretty much the only electronic music I get excited about nowadays.

batreleaser 06.26.2008 11:55 AM

i still get excited by squarepusher, but hes not straight electronic really. idm meets jazz or some shit.

atsonicpark 06.26.2008 12:17 PM

Yeah, he's good, but I don't think any of his albums have been GREAT... it's usually only a few great songs and tons of mediocre ones.

Great melodies!

ZEROpumpkins 06.27.2008 02:34 AM

Squarepusher's last 3 albums have been pretty crap. Go Plastic and Big Loada are peronal all time favourites of mine however.
As for Autechre, Chiastic Slide is my favourite, while Tri Repetae, LP5 and EP7 are on their way in the mail to me as we speak...

_slavo_ 06.27.2008 02:42 AM

Ae have a great mass of fans, at least where I live.

acousticrock87 06.27.2008 02:44 AM

I like them, but I have about 700 Aphex albums that I haven't even gone through, and I prefer him to what I've heard of Autechre.

ZEROpumpkins 06.27.2008 03:04 AM

Autechre are very challenging. It'll take a while but you'll find they're very rewarding. Where do you live again, Slavo?

acousticrock87 06.27.2008 03:11 AM

Yeah, I'm going through iTunes samples to decide if I want to try getting into them. So far Confield sounds amazing, but the rest I'm not sure about. I'll probably just download Confield and listen to it a few times before trying to take in too much at once.

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