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ilduclo 09.08.2014 11:44 AM

where you seeing the Yob at? They're locals here in Or

_tunic_ 09.08.2014 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by Severian
Seriously? That sounds like one of the best ways one could possibly spend a week. Few bands could announce something like that and have it actually sound like a good idea. For Kraftwerk, I'd bloody well go though. Every night.

This is what they'll be doing:(apologies for the not translating the days, you'll get the drift and get to learn some Dutch along the way). Tickets are 65 Euro each, sales start this Saturday.

Bloody expensive if you would like to see them all. If you're able to get tickets, it will probably be a big mess. They are not selling a passe-partout for all dates. And then comes the parking costs which would be like 25 Euros per night as well... so not for me. But I don't really like them anyway.


Originally Posted by ilduclo
where you seeing the Yob at? They're locals here in Or

This was in Utrecht (Netherlands) last week and they were awesome. I'll write a quick review in the other thread lateron.

krischanski 09.08.2014 12:37 PM


Helmet - 15.09. - DE, Berlin, SO36

Toilet & Bowels 09.08.2014 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
Yob + Pallbearer

Saw them in London tonight, I didn't think much of Pallbearer, but Yob were bloody brilliant.

_tunic_ 09.09.2014 01:20 AM

time to wake up!


Pallbearer were alright, I've seen much worse supports. It got kind of ruined though for me by the Beavis & Butthead standing in front of me.

_tunic_ 09.13.2014 03:12 PM

tomorrow I'm going to see Kronos Quartet. It's part of a three day festival in remembrance of WWI, so there will be loads of happy singalong tunes like this one
then it's time for the Incubate festval :)

pony 09.16.2014 12:59 AM

27 oct - swans

pony 09.16.2014 01:01 AM


Originally Posted by _tunic_

considering to take the week off from work and see them in Hamburg, Groningen, Brugge, Haarlem, then once more in Cologne two weeks later
but not sure yet ;-)

come to the hamburg gig and hang out with me!

stu666 09.16.2014 12:50 PM

Not really a gig as such but I'm going to the preview of 20,000 Days On Earth tomorrow which is followed by a live satellite event by Nick Cave...

ann ashtray 09.17.2014 01:01 AM

Despite what I said in a previous post, I did end up finding myself at Riot Fest this past Sunday. Despite catching glimpses of a few bands not really worthy of mention, I did check out Naked Raygun and the Patti Smith gigs in their entireity. The former was really "good". Seeing Patti, for me, was nothing short of a religious experience. it was Fred Sonic Smith's birthday so she spoke of him a fair bit. Powerful presence, that Patti.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 09.17.2014 02:13 AM

I should have went to that swans show.. next sunday palms.. the following sunday Abyssinians, freddie mcgregor, KEN BOOTHE, johnny osbourne, u-roy,sister carol.. october 12 mary timony's ex-hex (fucking really excited about this after seeing some youtube shows)

_tunic_ 10.02.2014 03:04 PM

December will be officially called MONOCEMBER this year!
Or Monomber?

Nov 30 Lubomyr Melnyk, Tilburg
Dec 1 Mono, Hamburg
Dec 2 Mono, Groningen
Dec 3 Mono, Brugge
Dec 4 Mono, Haarlem
Dec 5 J Mascis, Antwerpen
and maybe Dec 7 J Mascis, Utrecht

and then as dessert:
Dec 15 Mono, Köln

and in October:
Denovali Swingfest (Sunday) with Silver Mt Zion

_tunic_ 10.02.2014 03:27 PM

Bloddy hell!! Why hasn't ticketmaster in Germoney got etickets yet??? Every fucking venue in the Netherlands and Belgium has it these days, and the biggest ticket seller of the world does not have it yet??? Do you really think I'm going to pay 15 Euro shipping costs for a 14 Euro concert ticket??
Fuck no!
If it was vinyl then yes, but it's a bloody piece of paper


_tunic_ 10.02.2014 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by pony
come to the hamburg gig and hang out with me!

oh I didn't see your post before, but yeah would surely be fun to meet you :)
And needless to say that Mono is awesome live, otherwise I wouldn't be seeing them so many times right?
If you have any recommendations for hotels, let me know. If I wouldn't be going to another concert the previous day I would stay the weekend, or at least the Sunday and do some sight seeing. Maybe some other time...

stu666 10.09.2014 01:19 PM

Scout Niblett and Nathaniel Robin Mann (Dead Rat Orchestra) - October 30th, Ipswich!

_tunic_ 10.09.2014 03:07 PM

oh that's a lovely pairing. Have fun!
You just reminded me that I haven't listened to DRO in a while so I bought their latest album, which is a live compilation and comes with a phenakistoscope. No idea what that is but I'll find out soon enough

SpaceCadetHayden 10.11.2014 03:11 PM

FKA Twigs next month
saw my boy Sam Ray do a Ricky Eat Acid set a week ago it was fucking gold

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 10.11.2014 06:25 PM

Ex-Hex tomorrow (finally!!!!!)

I've been a good boy and patiently skipped out on listening to or buying this record so I have no idea what its going to sound like aside from the single I heard a few weeks ago...

guest 10.13.2014 05:27 PM

oneohtrix point never/robin fox, dj spinn, underground resistance, rule of thirds/repairs + more in mid november

sugar mountain in late jan: body/head (!!!), nas, ariel pink, swans, anthony naples, twerps n shit

then lil gigs here and there, wanna see aqua and mariah carey too lolololololol

Toilet & Bowels 10.13.2014 07:38 PM

where is body/head playing (yr in London, right?)

Kye Records/Graham Lambkin this w/e
Evan Parker + The Necks on Monday
Bong next Tuesday

after that Zoviet*France, Eathless, RA the Rugged Man.
And also/probably/maybe St Vitus, Shabazz Palaces, John Renbourn and Wizz Jones, Tony Allen and Moritz van Oswald, Hieroglyphic Being, John Butcher @60.

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