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noisereductions 10.14.2010 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by Dr. Eugene Felikson

I can't wait to see 'em on The Old Shit tour.

remember when I asked what this was and you didn't answer me?

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 08:02 AM


But it's their latest "best of" with everything from Bassment Cuts, to The Amazing Jeckel Bros. They lamely felt the need to cut some songs short on the compilation though. They're doing an old-school, barricade-free, barebones stage setup, small venue tour, where that's all they're playing. I can't fucking wait.

noisereductions 10.14.2010 08:37 AM

so it actually includes material from the early tapes? That's kind of cool. Is it on Psychopathic or on a major?

I'm thinking I'm gonna pick up Hatchet History again. That's a great compilation.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 08:49 AM

Yeah, but not as much as I would've liked. I love the Inner City Posse stuff. I actually fucked up, my bad, I thought it started with Set it Off from Bassment Cuts, but it actually starts out with Ghetto Zone from Dog Beats.

It's on Psychopathic. I think you can only buy it from their official site because of some copyright issues. I'm not too sure though. I'd personally recommend the first Forgotten Freshness if you want more obscure tracks, and Mutilation Mix for a Greatest Hits collection. Hatchet History is fresh too.


noisereductions 10.14.2010 08:57 AM

actually I meant Mutilation Mix. I don't even remember what HH is. But Mutilation Mix is the shiz.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 09:02 AM

^ Check this out too! Old-school Twiztid. People can say whatever they want about ICP's flow, but there really is no denying the talent displayed on Twiztid's earlier works.

I'm done flooding this thread w/ Psychopathic shit for now though, haha.

noisereductions 10.14.2010 09:06 AM

I've never listened to Twizted, other than the tracks on um what's that album they made with ICP that had "Slim Anus" on it?

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 09:09 AM

Just PLEASE check out that link when you get the chance. Mostasteless is easily their best album. I really think you'd like it.

noisereductions 10.14.2010 09:20 AM

y'know what stopped me from checking out MOSTASTELESS? The reissue cover... with their two ugly faces on it... it just looked like a shitty album, while the cover you posted above makes it look like a cool album. haha.

noisereductions 10.14.2010 09:22 AM

that being said, when you get a sec can you check youtube for the Lil Wayne track "The Mob"? It's the opener on Carter II. No chorus, minimal beat, just 5 mins of flow. Pretty unbelievable.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 09:53 AM

Okay, so I checked out Tha Mobb. I'm assuming that's the right one.

I can see how you could see me liking this. The production is very minimal compared to every other Wayne song I've heard, which is definitely an improvement...but I can't lie, his wail sounds so shrill to me, that I literally covered my ears to block the noise. Merzzy F Baby? I'll just never get past the guy's voice, I guess.

This song proves that he has flow though, I could almost imagine Jay-Z doing a track like this. Thing is though, Wayne's material couldn't be any further from what I look for in a rap artist/group. He writes verses about scoring touchdowns and shit... it's just not what I relate to.

I love that hard 90's shit with the fucking gangsta-ass, angst-filled rhymes. I fucking LOVE horrorcore when it's done right. I'm actually surprised you're not a bigger fan of the sub-genre. It seems right up your alley.

I love beats that are bouncy, and have a genuine groove that makes me wanna move. Not like the shit I hear on the radio now-a-days with the same stale bass beat over, and over; and Wayne's annoying ass crying like a robot on nearly every song.

But yeah, I listened to it.

noisereductions 10.14.2010 10:06 AM

ok fair enough. I almost think that yr response to this one was so well thought out and obvious that you really tried that I'll probably stop throwing Wayne songs at you now. Haha. I know you gave it a chance. I think more than anything I thought you'd love the beat on that one. As far as his voice, well yeah either you like a voice or you don't. Can't changet that. Same with anyone. Celine Dion. Or Tom Waits.

I am a fan of horrorcore, I just haven't listened to as much as you. I have most of the Gravediggaz albums, Flatlinerz, a whole lot of Necro, um... actually I;m surprised yr not into Necro more. He raps about Blood Sucking Freaks man! You'd also like Mr. Hyde. Or most of the Psyho+Logical label stuff.

The Earl Of Slander 10.14.2010 10:07 AM

My surrounding housemates are all out for the first time since I moved back in, so taking advantage of the opportunity to ignore our paper thin walls and ceilings. LOUD!



batreleaser 10.14.2010 10:54 AM

Smog-The Hard Road, aka BEST SMOG SONG EVER

noisereductions 10.14.2010 11:00 AM

love me some Smog.

loubarret 10.14.2010 11:36 AM


viewtiful alan redux 10.14.2010 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
viewtiful, what do you think of I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING? I like it.

I thought it was pretty good, but that it started to sink towards the end (my version ends with bill gates). I fucking loved with you though... that was like a Ghostface beat.


I dont know why I love this band so much

noisereductions 10.14.2010 11:48 AM

it is like a Ghost beat... did you read all the stuff I wrote about the album?

The Earl Of Slander 10.14.2010 11:53 AM

The new Kanye stuff. I'm kind of blown away by how good some of these tracks have been. Power (especially the remix), Monster and Runaway are all amongst the best things he's dropped in AGES. So psyched for whatever the album ends up being called.

noisereductions 10.14.2010 12:23 PM

"Power" is awesome. Haven't heard any of the others yet.

The Earl Of Slander 10.14.2010 01:37 PM

Oh man, get on that shit right away! The Power Remix with Jay on is free to download from the website, and it KILLS the original. Runaway is an amazing single. Most of the stuff he's putting up the website now are just these epic 7 minute guest filled mega jams that aren't going to be on the album, so don't worry about waiting for the album or anything.

EDIT: Not to belabour the point, but I just put it on again, and this Power remix is totally destroying me right now.

sonic sphere 10.14.2010 01:54 PM


noisereductions 10.14.2010 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by The Earl Of Slander
Oh man, get on that shit right away! The Power Remix with Jay on is free to download from the website, and it KILLS the original. Runaway is an amazing single. Most of the stuff he's putting up the website now are just these epic 7 minute guest filled mega jams that aren't going to be on the album, so don't worry about waiting for the album or anything.

EDIT: Not to belabour the point, but I just put it on again, and this Power remix is totally destroying me right now.

oh cool. Yeah usually I don't check out songs before an album comes out cuz I like the anticipation of hearing the complete album as a single work with it being all (or as much) brand new to me. But if it's all like outtakes and shit, then I'll check it.

The Earl Of Slander 10.14.2010 01:58 PM

It's totally worth it. I downloaded the 9 he's released so far, starting with the Power remix, and made a playlist of it which, just as it stands, would be one of the best mixtapes of the year.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 01:59 PM

NR, did you peep that Twiztid track yet?

noisereductions 10.14.2010 02:11 PM

can't yet.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.14.2010 09:06 PM


Ghostchase 10.15.2010 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
I'm not familiar with this at all. Is it readily available or a concert only type thing? Looks very intriguing!!

World's End Girlfriend is an extremely talented musical artist. And paired with MONO create a flawless heart breaking piece of music.

Also, look into MONO's "One More Step and You Die". Its my favourite from them.

I haven't seen Mogwai or My Bloody Valentine live (I hear they're bone crushing loud), but I've seen MONO live twice and they're the easily the loudest group I've ever heard.


a-p a. niemi 10.15.2010 09:50 AM


loubarret 10.15.2010 11:07 AM

loubarret 10.15.2010 12:18 PM


washer 10.15.2010 03:51 PM


How I love this one.

Derek 10.15.2010 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by washer

How I love this one.

Definitely one of the best albums of all time!

The Earl Of Slander 10.15.2010 08:55 PM





noisereductions 10.15.2010 09:08 PM

^ I downloaded from their website... folder was empty. WTF?

The Earl Of Slander 10.15.2010 09:24 PM

I have no idea. It worked for me. I know I'm going crazy about this shit and it's probably annoying, but it is BLOWING MY MIND. My musical sensibilities just somehow can't process how good this is. Try again? The 'Bastard' album by Earl's big brother Tyler, who's kind of the head of the group, is also stunning in places, but less consistent. Oh, and 'Rolling Papers' by Domo Genesis KILLS, but might be a bad introduction for you, because as much as the style is still in strong evidence, Domo isn't quite up to Earl and Tyler on the flow front. He's still pretty damn great though. These guys are freakin' Wu Tang to me right now.

The Earl Of Slander 10.15.2010 09:37 PM

Oh, and headphones are very much essential to gaining the full experience. This is not party music.

Murmer99 10.15.2010 09:41 PM

The Vaselines - Whitechapel

loubarret 10.16.2010 04:24 AM


washer 10.16.2010 07:06 AM


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