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The Soup Nazi 05.31.2019 09:01 PM

"Rollerskate Skinny", eh?

I believe in love...
But it don't believe in me!

The Gazpacho Gestapo 05.31.2019 09:12 PM


new CD from Amon Amarth continues to deliver

i likey the viking music

The Gazpacho Gestapo 05.31.2019 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by choc e-Claire
I usually have my music on shuffle at school, but because I'm that sort of person I'll skip over a dozen songs before I get to one I like.

Recently, I have been loving 'Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit', particularly for three reasons:
1. The awesome guitar sound - I don't know how to describe it, but you probably know what I'm thinking about.
2. Kim's 'la la la...' in the pre-chorus.
3. The fact that everyone I've ever shown the song has been horrified by it.

lol ya i rememebr my first time heraring music two

choc e-Claire 06.01.2019 12:50 AM

William S. Burroughs & Kurt Cobain - The "Priest" They Called Him

guest 06.01.2019 11:29 PM





Antagon 06.02.2019 06:53 PM


choc e-Claire 06.02.2019 09:23 PM

Isn't Anything again to try and motivate myself before my exam.

Antagon 06.03.2019 01:44 PM


choc e-Claire 06.03.2019 10:59 PM

Ooft, I really need to relisten to the EPs...

I'm listening to some emo shoegaze that a friend recommended me, but I have another question for a few of y'all (h8kurdt and EVOLghost especially): what Boredoms record do I move onto next? I've listened to and enjoyed Soul Discharge '99, and I assume you guys would know more than I would?

Peterpuff 06.04.2019 09:03 AM


Appleseed Cast - Mare Vitalis

They have a show coming up soon. Lot's of really fun bands coming through lately.

choc e-Claire 06.05.2019 01:20 AM


choc e-Claire 06.05.2019 05:34 AM


Peterpuff 06.05.2019 08:32 AM


U.S. Christmas - The Valley Path

!@#$%! 06.05.2019 09:31 AM


You know who to turn to, now everything's changed
Come on, let's go
Stop looking for answers in everyone's face
Come on, let's go
What's the point in wasting time on people that you'll never know?
Come on, let's go

Antagon 06.05.2019 04:36 PM


choc e-Claire 06.05.2019 06:12 PM

18 hours of the OK Computer sessions leaked!!!

Antagon 06.09.2019 12:48 PM


Antagon 06.09.2019 01:19 PM

Milton Nascimento - Milagre Dos Peixes


choc e-Claire 06.09.2019 09:55 PM

Ashbel - Demonstration of a Life Saving Technique

guest 06.10.2019 12:48 AM


can never work out if this record is cosmically tragic or just terminally stoned. sadness sings is a casket jam unparalleled.

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