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LifeDistortion 10.27.2013 12:42 PM

Lou Reed RIP
Just saw this on twitter don't have confirmation but seems to be legit.

pokkeherrie 10.27.2013 12:56 PM

yep :(

edit: CNN and BBC don't even seem to have a story at the moment though... which is a bit weird 40 minutes after the RS report.

louder 10.27.2013 01:06 PM


gonna listen to Berlin.

h8kurdt 10.27.2013 01:09 PM

Gutted. There's a tendency when such and such a musician dies to overblow what they did for music. However, it really can be said that Lou Reed helped change music in a massive way and for the better at that.
Even if you don't like his music, you have to respect that he did what he wanted and how he wanted without ever compromising the music. R.I.P you miserable arse. Oh and Metal Machine Music ruled.

louder 10.27.2013 01:11 PM

RanaldoNecro 10.27.2013 01:44 PM


evollove 10.27.2013 02:48 PM

Search for "Lou Reed" in the forum and you'll read a lot of negative stuff. Now don't you feel like an asshole?

!@#$%! 10.27.2013 02:52 PM

fuck, i just read it 15 minutes ago. SUCKS.

whoever wrote bad shit about that guy can gnaw the rotten skull of ronald reagan in his grave

SonicBebs 10.27.2013 03:03 PM

Just been listening to some velvet underground.
The last section of I'm Sticking With You is so so beautiful.

diskaholic-anonymous 10.27.2013 03:15 PM

i'm without words...this is very sad. my favourite velvet gonne, but not his music.
rip Mr Reed.
see you sister ray.

dead_battery 10.27.2013 03:46 PM

Hes sucking on that ding dong in heaven now

Genteel Death 10.27.2013 03:55 PM

Lou made it ok to suck the cock of the football coach. For that alone I'm grateful he existed.

!@#$%! 10.27.2013 04:00 PM

i just listened to the whole of transformer and it put me in the best of moods


Goodnight ladies
ladies goodnight
It's time to say
goodbye, let me tell you, now

Goodnight ladies
ladies goodnight
It's time to say

Now, all night long
you've been drinking your tequilla
But now you've sucked
your lemon peel dry, so why not get high, high, high and
Goodnight ladies
ladies goodnight

Goodnight ladies
ah, ladies goodnight
It's time to say

Goodnight sweet ladies
ah, ladies goodnight
It's time to say
goodbye, bye-bye

Ah, we've been together
for the longest time
But now it's time to get high
come on, let's get high, high, high
And goodnight ladies
ladies goodnight

Oh, I'm still missing my other half
oh, it must be something I did in the past
Don't it just make you wanna laugh
it's a lonely Saturday night

Oh, nobody calls me on the telephone
I put another record on my stereo
But I'm still singing a song of you
it's a lonely Saturday night

Now, if I was an actor
or a dancer who is glamorous
then, you know, amorous life would soon be mine
But now the tinsel light of star break
is all that's left to applaud my heart break
and eleven o'clock I watch the network news

Oh, woh, woh, something tells me that you're really gone
you said we could be friends
but that's not what's not what I want
Ah, anyway, my TV-dinner's almost done
it's a lonely Saturday night
I mean to tell you, it's a lonely Saturday night
One more word, it's a lonely Saturday night

Antagon 10.27.2013 04:27 PM

What a bummer. He surely was an icon among the icons.

chocolate_ladyland 10.27.2013 04:27 PM

holy fuck what the fuck

evollove 10.27.2013 06:57 PM

Seriously, do a search "Lou Reed" on the forum. It's really interesting.

noisereductions 10.27.2013 07:06 PM

this just really bums me out. VU was huge to me. Huge. Like that represent this whole era of my life. Ugh. So sad.

evollove 10.27.2013 07:39 PM

What's the first song he'll play with Sterling in heaven? I'm guessing "Rock n' Roll."

hipster_bebop_junkie 10.27.2013 08:36 PM

This is really damn sad...

SonikJesus 10.27.2013 10:27 PM

fav band. man

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