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Thin_icE 06.23.2009 03:46 AM

Main site banners
I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have the whole bunch of banners from the main site saved? I'd like to use some to make me a forum siggy.

mil_pl 06.23.2009 06:57 AM

I have some of them.

greedrex 06.23.2009 08:53 AM

ask Nic.

Thin_icE 06.23.2009 10:32 AM

Thanks for the replies :)

greedrex 06.23.2009 10:42 AM

hey wait lots of them were posted in one of the SY pics threads.

perverzion 06.23.2009 11:03 AM

I'm tryin' to collect them all..

Thin_icE 06.23.2009 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by greedrex
hey wait lots of them were posted in one of the SY pics threads.

Yeah, I remember that, but I've already searched and haven't found anything...:confused:

greedrex 06.23.2009 11:48 AM

i know, can't find it either...

greedrex 06.23.2009 11:48 AM

like i said PM Nic, he'll have them all. He's yr man.

Thin_icE 06.23.2009 11:51 AM

Will do, thanks a lot :)

winterfrost 06.23.2009 12:54 PM


winterfrost 06.23.2009 12:55 PM

why my link with bunners delete?

greedrex 06.23.2009 01:25 PM

if you want to save the individual pix.
The only way is:
- go to : this place

a randon pic will appear : right click that pic and save it in a new folder as "sy1"

go back to page and pressF5. A second pic will appear, do the same , nale it "sy2"

repeat action as long as you have new ones still coming up. Sometimes the same ones come again and then a whole bunch of other ones show.
I have seen at least 60 tonight just fucking around.
I can't find the ftp folder where Chris put them.
Tried to fiddle with the codes but no sucess.
Just do that you'll have loads to choose from.

did that help at all?

frades 06.24.2009 03:16 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I've seen that one on this sonicpix folder. I don't understand the notes beside the song titles. can aynone tell??

greedrex 06.24.2009 04:16 PM

it's the type of guitar they're using for any given song, which is usually represented by its color.

frades 11.16.2009 11:58 AM

and the one with three boys that seem to have numbers written on their jacket and a blonde girl singing in the mic...which band is it?

nicfit 06.14.2010 05:32 AM

fav one yet:

lotsa good new uns.
chabib, archive!

Beautiful Plateau 06.16.2010 12:14 AM

archive please

Originally Posted by nicfit
lotsa good new uns.
chabib, archive!

^^^ yes!

nicfit 06.21.2010 06:49 AM

nother gud un

Thin_icE 06.22.2010 03:45 AM

It's nice to know I made an useful thread :D

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