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ozZuB-ginK 08.06.2006 02:21 AM

the new slayer record
anyone going to buy this? it comes out tuesday i believe. I just got done listening to the whole thing on myspace(.com/slayer) its pretty good. Of course slayer never really disappoints. Can't wait for tuesday

atsonicpark 08.06.2006 07:32 AM

big bang.

krastian 08.06.2006 04:13 PM

I've been wondering about it too. They were pretty good on Henry Rollins last week. The lyrics were kind of lame to the song they played.....but that's kind of expected. God Hates Us All was fucking awesome so hopefully this one is good too.

Everyneurotic 08.06.2006 05:11 PM

i was listenhing to it on myspace but the thing freaked out on me by the second song.

i had already heard 3 songs and they all sound righteous.

yeah, i'm probably getting it. the artwork rules, better than the last one:


Pax Americana 08.06.2006 06:44 PM

Wow, that's some crazy-ass cover art.

pokkeherrie 08.06.2006 07:29 PM

looks like they've returned to that guy who also did the cover art for reign in blood, south of heaven and seasons in the abyss.

i'm listening to it on myspace now... it's not bad, but not really impressive either. i think i'll give them a miss this tour. why can't they just play their own gigs in europe but always have to play expensive gigs with sucky bands i don't want to see?

edit: i'm starting to quite like it now actually. good old slayer.

pokkeherrie 08.07.2006 07:06 AM

Oasis pussy!

ozZuB-ginK 08.08.2006 07:07 PM

well i bought it this morning, its good i think. There are a lot of songs that are really fast, a return to old school slayer. I still need to give it a few more spins to make a really informed opinion about it, but it's good to hear dave lombardo back behind the kit

Cantankerous 08.08.2006 07:15 PM

god. my mom took me to see them when i was 11.

therealglenstyler 08.11.2006 04:14 AM


krastian 09.08.2006 04:05 PM

I just gave this a second listen and I have to say that it fucking rules. Lombardo!!!

Everyneurotic 09.08.2006 04:08 PM

i'm seeing them in two weeks!

krastian 09.08.2006 04:10 PM

Fuck yeah man....that's going to be insane.

Everyneurotic 09.08.2006 04:17 PM

hell yeah, they are the best live band i'ever seen, right there with sonic youth.

the funny thing is that four days earlier i'm seeing cat power solo.

krastian 09.08.2006 04:19 PM

That's the way to mix it up!

Everyneurotic 09.08.2006 04:28 PM

hahahaha, yeah, night and day.

i'm probably the only one who is going to be doing that.

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