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sarramkrop 06.17.2008 09:21 AM

Eat Skull
Any takers? I like them but I can't stop thinking that they remind me of an inferior version of Time New Viking. Or maybe I'm just being daft.

Toilet & Bowels 06.17.2008 09:40 AM

i think you're just being daft

sarramkrop 06.17.2008 09:44 AM


DNAINTHEDNA 06.17.2008 09:45 AM

another siltbreeze winner

Toilet & Bowels 06.17.2008 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

because they're good in their own right & not a tnv knock off

sarramkrop 06.17.2008 09:47 AM

I like them, don't get me wrong (or if you do just drown in a pool of your own blood). I just don't think they're as good as TNV because some of their songs remind me more than a bit of them.

jimbrim 06.17.2008 09:48 AM

they're great, they deserve a mention in the no-fi thread. i've really been enjoying these siltbreeze band's as of late.

Toilet & Bowels 06.17.2008 09:51 AM

well, i've only heard their myspace so it's unfair for me to compare them to tnv, and while there are obviously things they have in common there's nothing about Eat Skull that makes me think "oh, TNV"

Cantankerous 06.17.2008 09:55 AM

i listened to the songs on myspace, they're good but in a novelty sort of way.

jimbrim 06.17.2008 09:57 AM

punk trips is my new favourite song.

sarramkrop 06.17.2008 10:00 AM

I listened to a about 6 songs by them and they made me think of TNV straight away. I've ordered ''Sick To Death'' today. It doesn't matter, they're still one of the better rock bands around.

Onani Nic 06.17.2008 10:05 AM

I'm into them. The record didn't grab me that much on first listen but it's grown on me. I'd say they're closer to the slightly more shambolic sounds of Psychedelic Horseshit than TNV.

DJ Rick 06.17.2008 01:15 PM

Both TNV and Eat Skull have a serious streak of The Clean running through them, but aside from recording fidelity and dark lyrical matter, TNV are really not too much of a damaged pop band the way Eat Skull and Psychedelic Horseshit are.

Eat Skull certainly seem more diversely influenced and have a wider-ranging sound, especially when you compare a song as catchy and sing-songy as "Shredders on Fry" to their noise-core barrage on their cover of Psycho Sin (on the flip of the "Dead Families" 7"). Psycho Sin is an obscure band of ultra-direct and confrontational HC that is hilariously inept.

If you watch both bands' stage performances, you get a very different vibe, too. Eat Skull turn some of their sweetest songs on record into nasty, mean menaces live. Yet I was impressed that there were so many girls up front at their show in Portland two Fridays ago, singing along to all the choruses. TNV live are also swell, but more about the business of playing the songs faithfully as recorded. They lock into grooves, unlike Eat Skull who are more prone to abstract them. And even abstract the vibe.

One notable connection between the two bands, however, is that Rob from Eat Skull (singer, keyboardist, some guitar) was in a band with Beth from TNV called Hole Class, and they made a brilliant cassette that shoulda been made into a vinyl because it is certainly worth documenting in a more permanent form.

sarramkrop 07.04.2008 06:28 AM

Eat Skull interview on here:

█████████ 07.04.2008 06:34 AM

thank you, love the hospitals, didn't know about this band.

sarramkrop 07.04.2008 06:37 AM

The Hospitals are possibly one of my favourite bands right now.

Iain 07.04.2008 07:58 AM

Yeah, that Hospitals record is pretty great. Eat Skull share members with them or are somehow related aren't they?

I should be getting this in the next few days hopefully...I'll have to make do with the myspace stuff in the meantime.

batreleaser 07.04.2008 09:20 AM

speaking of the hospitals. has anyone heard john dwyer's newish band, the oh sees new record? i dont what to make of it yet.

sarramkrop 07.04.2008 09:23 AM

I have heard a couple of songs by them and i like those too. I've downloaded them on some mp3 blog, not enough to form an opinion, though. It is hard to keep up with all these good bands that are coming out at the moment.

Toilet & Bowels 07.04.2008 10:26 AM

i bought the eat skull record this week, i like it a lot

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