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atsonicpark 06.23.2010 10:17 PM


Originally Posted by TheFoxBen

Pretty good so far.

yes! This is his best album. I guess it's gotten some bad reviews amongst his fans who think that he should continue to do what every other artist in his position does and release 50 more albums that sound exactly the same. He's doing something different, not just the usual Klaus Schulze/Tangerine Dream thing, so I'm happy. He's also a nice dude, he likes me, he'll go far.

atsonicpark 06.23.2010 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by SpaceCadetHayden
Yeah. Adultery is Ripe is the only one I didn't hawk.

I really don't like the Blood Brothers aside from a riff here or there, but Adultery is ripe is a really cool album.

Adultery reminds me of a mix of Arab on Radar and Yaphet Kotto, some kind of bratty glammy sissy-hardcore that works. I think the songs being short, compact, and catchy helps. When they started doing the Burning, Piano Island 5 minute songs, with those LOUD AS HELL/annoying whiney vocals... ugh. But Adultery is a great album.

sonic sphere 06.24.2010 05:42 AM


TheFoxBen 06.24.2010 06:37 AM


Seeing them in September

loubarret 06.24.2010 10:31 AM


loubarret 06.24.2010 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
what is this, some sort of bootleg? There was so much amazing hip hop not included on the actual soundtrack.

Yes it is, it includes all the hiphop+all the folk implosion versions of neutral one.

batreleaser 06.24.2010 11:16 AM

Necros-Conquest for Death

Torn Curtain 06.24.2010 11:44 AM

Tori Amos - Under the pink

a-p a. niemi 06.24.2010 12:29 PM


SYRFox 06.24.2010 12:33 PM


stu666 06.24.2010 12:35 PM


sonic sphere 06.24.2010 01:41 PM


batreleaser 06.24.2010 03:34 PM

Been listening to tons of good shit today.

Monoshock "RUnnin Apelike From the Backwards Superman" in the car, Helios Creed "NUGG: the Transport" at the gym, Can "Ege Bamyasi" right now at home.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 06.24.2010 03:36 PM


deflinus 06.24.2010 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by a-p a. niemi

i love this album

Dr. Eugene Felikson 06.24.2010 05:12 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 06.24.2010 05:54 PM


atsonicpark 06.24.2010 10:05 PM



viewtiful alan redux 06.24.2010 10:29 PM







ann ashtray 06.24.2010 10:45 PM

The MC5 - kick out the jams

demonrail666 06.24.2010 10:53 PM


Ghostchase 06.25.2010 01:36 AM

M83 - Run Into Flowers

loubarret 06.25.2010 04:11 AM


sonic sphere 06.25.2010 07:58 AM


batreleaser 06.25.2010 09:54 AM

lots of the Pixies

TheFoxBen 06.25.2010 10:23 AM



SYRFox 06.25.2010 10:24 AM



atsonicpark 06.25.2010 10:32 AM

I love United Acid Emirates actually, Andy Jenkinson knows what's up..

SYRFox 06.25.2010 10:33 AM

I love it too, it's one of my favorite records this year. Definitely in my top 3. And I got it for free from planet mu when they sent it to me instead of FaltyDL's Bravery (and then sent me Bravery).

atsonicpark 06.25.2010 10:34 AM

Amazing. Yeah Bravery was amazing too, got that based on your reccomendation! I dunno if I ever thanked you.

TheFoxBen 06.25.2010 10:35 AM

United Acid Emirates Is #1 In My Top 100 Of All Time.

SYRFox 06.25.2010 10:36 AM

That doesn't matter, I'm glad you like it. FaltyDL is fucking awesome. Planet Mu is a great label. The new iTAL tEK record is incredible too....

atsonicpark 06.25.2010 10:38 AM

Sweet, will check out, keep throwing the electronic music my way, haha

SYRFox 06.25.2010 10:39 AM

ahah will do. But I'm really into wonky and dubstep these days so I'm not sure whether you'd really enjoy it. Something you'd probably enjoy, though, is Ikonika's album, out on Hyperdub. Dubstep/wonky with a great chiptune feeling, awesome beats, etc. Another one of my favs this year...

SYRFox 06.25.2010 10:56 AM


atsonicpark 06.25.2010 11:08 AM

Thanks dude! Will check out..

Yeah, I seem to like the dubstep you reccomend, what is "wonky"? Is it just another name for dubstep, or is it a specific kind? My thing is, I don't really get into electronic music with vocals; sometimes it can be good, but it needs to be processed a lot -- I mean, anything in the right hands can be good, or be bad I guess, but I usually listen to electronic music to get AWAY from vocals.

I guess I'm more into the acid-y synths kinda sound, and complex rhythms, but at the same time, I'm kinda bored with IDM... so, rhythms that are complex without being too ridiculous. and, of course, good melodies help.

I've been getting into some of that minimal techno stuff lately... not Raster Norton stuff, I've already got my fill of that.. I'm talking The Field, Alex Smoke, Plastikman, etc. Really love that shit..

SYRFox 06.25.2010 11:15 AM

Wonky can be quite difficult to explain, I guess it's easier to get if you actually listen to it. It's related to dubstep, but has a different feeling and sound - yet some artists are really between dubstep and wonky and can't be really placed in either one rather than the other (see: Rustie). Wonky has a more instrumental hip hop vibe, but with "glitchy" beats, unstable synths, more distorted sounds, and different atmospheres. In my opinion, it's where the most interesting things are. Wikipedia used to describe it as a mix of dubstep and skweee, now it's "Wonky is a term used to describe a tendency to use mid-range unstable synths, complex and unusual time signatures that appeared before summer 2008, among a range of musical genres, including hip hop, hyphy, grime, chiptune, dubstep, crunk, and electro.[1]".

Pretty clear indeed?
Artists you need to check out: Dorian Concept, Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Rustie, Nosaj Thing, 1000names, Ikonika, Zomby, Starkey, Lorn, Harmonic 313, Architeq, Fulgeance, etc etc etc. Tons of things basically, this scene is incredible. That scandinavian skweee scene is also fucking interesting. Dubstep and dubstep related scenes are probably the most interesting thing in electronic music right now if you ask me.

SYRFox 06.25.2010 11:17 AM

I actually did and posted a wonky mix in the dubstep thread, so if you want to get into that sound you should probably check it out, most of the artists you need to listen to are into it. (cause I was thinking, I'm gonna post that Dorian Concept vid, but then you also need to check out Rustie's remix of Zomby's Spliff Dub, etc etc etc. It's fucking endless.)

TheFoxBen 06.25.2010 11:26 AM


atsonicpark 06.25.2010 11:28 AM

sweet thanks, sounds cutting edge.. if any of the artists are as good as this Ikonika album, I'll be hooked.

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