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jimbrim 05.28.2010 06:04 AM

really feeling it

stu666 05.28.2010 06:16 AM

what's that jim?

jimbrim 05.28.2010 06:18 AM

emeralds - does it look like i'm here?, it's the new lp. i just got it through the post and i'm really loving it so far.

Torn Curtain 05.28.2010 09:00 AM

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou country

Derek 05.28.2010 09:33 AM


sonic sphere 05.28.2010 11:12 AM


Torn Curtain 05.28.2010 01:57 PM

Jim O'Rourke - Venus in furs

stu666 05.28.2010 01:58 PM


noisereductions 05.28.2010 04:02 PM


hello, summer!

viewtiful alan redux 05.28.2010 04:23 PM

How is it? Specifically, how's the track with weezy

noisereductions 05.28.2010 04:38 PM

it's pretty good. The track with Weezy is pretty good. There's a snippet of a track from TI's upcoming album that sounds incredible though. I think the album will be great. This mixtape is just so-so. But by no means bad.

deflinus 05.28.2010 06:09 PM


stu666 05.29.2010 04:35 AM


sonic sphere 05.29.2010 08:56 AM


TheFoxBen 05.29.2010 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
really feeling it


Listening to it right now and wow, this is awesome !!!

Derek 05.29.2010 09:39 AM

I'm listening to the first Papa Roach album I bought when I was 8. Fuck yeah.

TheFoxBen 05.29.2010 10:26 AM


Skyramps - Days of Thunder

I'm digging this kind of stuff a lot at the moment.

ni'k 05.29.2010 12:06 PM

nachut report - 9th overflowing... milky slaughterhouse.... dream of incubator - with a name that good it couldnt live up to it. twinkle gaze cheer moan slightly gothness but cool in that old 4ad kind of way

viewtiful alan redux 05.29.2010 12:50 PM


I highly reccomend this to noiseredux


Great album to just listen to on some good headphones and get lost in, love Ravi Coltrane's presence on this one.

noisereductions 05.29.2010 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by viewtiful alan redux


I highly reccomend this to noiseredux

Is this something new? I know nothing about it?

EDIT: Obviously NOT new (featuring DJ Screw).. I better look into this.

PAULYBEE2656 05.29.2010 02:28 PM


sonic sphere 05.29.2010 03:32 PM


Antagon 05.29.2010 04:53 PM

Sad Lovers & Giants - White Russians

Derek 05.29.2010 04:58 PM

Giuseppe Andrews - Racecars

Dead-Air 05.29.2010 07:05 PM

Somebody's massively long Spacemen 3 playlist on You Tube. Currently "Revolution".

stu666 05.30.2010 05:08 AM

Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem Two

sonic sphere 05.30.2010 07:33 AM


jimbrim 05.30.2010 08:40 AM


viewtiful alan redux 05.30.2010 11:19 AM


Very haunting music that works well in the 7" single setting

Dr. Eugene Felikson 05.30.2010 11:50 AM





chicka 05.30.2010 03:25 PM

one the sickest things I've ever found on youtube....a must if you love blues music

TheFoxBen 05.30.2010 03:32 PM


Infinity Window - Artificial Midnight

sweet ambient sounds from Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Taylor Richardson

sonic sphere 05.30.2010 03:52 PM


Norma J 05.30.2010 06:41 PM





Norma J 05.30.2010 06:42 PM





Norma J 05.30.2010 06:43 PM




viewtiful alan redux 05.30.2010 06:50 PM


Decent if somewhat typical indie release

shabbray2.0 05.30.2010 07:18 PM


frikkin good

Norma J 05.30.2010 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by viewtiful alan redux

Decent if somewhat typical indie release

Another one I was to add to the list but couldn't be bothered uploading anymore pics.

Yeah, decent album.

automatic bzooty 05.30.2010 08:46 PM


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