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SuperCreep 07.28.2009 08:43 PM


looking glass spectacle 07.28.2009 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
:) I got it. Yeah, I say it's not too good, but I listen to it at least once a year. The worst SY is better than most anything else. If you were wondering, my topsies:

1. Evol
2. Murray Street
3. Confusion Is Sex
4. The Destroyed Room
5. The Whitey Album (or Dirty, depending what day you ask me)

i've stopped trying to figure out rankings... i just like "periods" of theirs

1. 87-88 [sister/master-dik/4 tunna brix/daydream nation/whitey album]
2. 97-98 [syr1/syr2/thousand leaves/syr3/silver sessions]
3. 07-08 [trees outside the academy/free kitten - inherit/matador record deal]

... my theory of the sevens and eights would have been more impressive if the eternal had come out sooner... still, i can't wait to hear what they put out in 2017.:rolleyes:


pretty cool as an instrumental album, couldn't really get through the movie...

noisereductions 07.28.2009 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by The Blue Berk
rain song

This HAS to be a troll! C'mon. Post #1 = "Led Zeppelen" ... post #2 + "Rain Song"???? TROLL! TROLL! TROLL!

noisereductions 07.28.2009 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by looking glass spectacle


pretty cool as an instrumental album, couldn't really get through the movie...

I finally got a PHYSICAL copy of this for xmas this past year from my wife. What an awesome sndtrk. "Move Away" alone. Man!

Sonic Youth 37 07.28.2009 09:16 PM


looking glass spectacle 07.28.2009 09:23 PM


davenotdead 07.28.2009 09:30 PM

Ariel Pink > SY


demonrail666 07.28.2009 09:41 PM


Shifty Prophet 07.28.2009 09:46 PM


Sonic Youth 37 07.28.2009 10:13 PM


Because I can't escape it.

dirty bunny 07.28.2009 10:13 PM

Radiator- SFA

pop punk will eat itself 07.28.2009 10:20 PM

King Crimson's Thrak.

automatic bzooty 07.28.2009 10:29 PM


i'm only on the second track. i think i'm going to bed.

looking glass spectacle 07.28.2009 11:28 PM


Zombie Robot 07.29.2009 12:50 AM


automatic bzooty 07.29.2009 12:58 AM


i'm just listening to down on the street over 'n' over. i'll get to the rest of fun house eventually, but i keep clicking the |<< button.

stu666 07.29.2009 01:02 AM

Sonic Youth - Heineken Greenspace, Valencia, Spain 2005.10.28

looking glass spectacle 07.29.2009 02:28 AM


Zombie Robot 07.29.2009 02:31 AM

thx again stu. nite!

looking glass spectacle 07.29.2009 03:11 AM


jerf 07.29.2009 03:19 AM


took me forever to find a dl for it.
i saw it in streetlight records, but i dont have a record player so it wouldnt have done me any good.

loubarret 07.29.2009 03:35 AM


Great record but don't you use soulseek? It's easy to find on there

jerf 07.29.2009 03:42 AM

nah i havent used soulseek in years. i find torrents to be faster/ more reliable, altho sometimes its hard to find a torrent of certain albums (like this one)

looking glass spectacle 07.29.2009 03:50 AM


loubarret 07.29.2009 04:01 AM


Death & the Maiden 07.29.2009 04:35 AM


sonic sphere 07.29.2009 05:56 AM


loubarret 07.29.2009 06:17 AM


Speaking about ages ago.....

looking glass spectacle 07.29.2009 09:06 AM


stu666 07.29.2009 10:23 AM


looking glass spectacle 07.29.2009 10:38 AM


loubarret 07.29.2009 10:48 AM


sonic sphere 07.29.2009 11:13 AM


looking glass spectacle 07.29.2009 11:44 AM

^^^ nice. cut chemist fucking rocks... i wish he was still their dj.


looking glass spectacle 07.29.2009 11:54 AM


loubarret 07.29.2009 11:55 AM

My Bloody Valentine remixes.


stu666 07.29.2009 12:11 PM


stu666 07.29.2009 12:26 PM


floatingslowly 07.29.2009 12:27 PM


trrrble crayons o' statik

noisereductions 07.29.2009 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere

I've tried several times over the years to like these guys. But I just don't.

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