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Everyneurotic 07.09.2008 04:20 PM

caspar brötzmann massaker - black axis

fugazifan 07.09.2008 04:22 PM



and buddy holly

MellySingsDoom 07.09.2008 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
caspar brötzmann massaker - black axis

A kick ass record, especially for it's epic opener, "Hunter Song".

Am currently listening to D Bowie's "Station To Station".

Everyneurotic 07.09.2008 06:08 PM

yes, definitely, too bad my mp3s have the title track cut.

now listening to:


"she's my skinny minnie, she's not skinny, she's TALL!"

fugazifan 07.09.2008 06:13 PM

glad to see lots of people listening to the sonics
my favorite song of theirs is keep on knocking
listening to mendelssons 4th symphony. its cool but not great, i have to hear it for some music class though

viewtiful_alan 07.09.2008 06:43 PM

I've always loved the sonics.
I have only managed to find 'here are the sonics'. But its deffinitley a classic of garage rock.
Any Chocolate Watchband fans?

Mrs. Butcher 07.09.2008 06:48 PM


viewtiful_alan 07.09.2008 06:49 PM

No offense, but that looks horrible... is it? XD

Mrs. Butcher 07.09.2008 06:51 PM

they're actually quite good.

viewtiful_alan 07.09.2008 06:54 PM

Oh ok, what kind of stuff is it?
Haha its just thatmost things with the tagline "_____ of the future" tend to suck.

Mrs. Butcher 07.09.2008 07:00 PM

yeah the lead singer did claim to be born in another dimension, but the music's punk, but then with saxophone solos and sci-fi lyrics.

viewtiful_alan 07.09.2008 07:07 PM

That acutally sounds really awesome I want to check that out now.

I've had the ipod on shuffle
Last five song I've heard:

Reptile- Nine Inch Nails
I Just Want to Make Love to you- Rolling Stone
Nebraska- Bruce Springsteen
Nutshell (unplugged)- Alice in Chains
Breaking the Rules- AC/DC

I promise I don't nomrally listen to nothing but mainstream rock. Again it was on shuffle. ALl of those are good songs though.
Oh yeah, I have my whole record colelction on my ipod so I have something like 7000 songs on there.

stu666 07.09.2008 07:10 PM

The Wedding Present
Black Session #8
@ Studio 105, Paris
le 26/05/1992

LittlePuppetBoy 07.09.2008 07:37 PM

DR Dre-the Chronic

Sonic Youth 37 07.09.2008 08:30 PM


uhler 07.09.2008 08:46 PM


Sonic Youth 37 07.09.2008 09:19 PM


atsonicpark 07.09.2008 09:38 PM






These are fucking excellent surf compilations, probably the best I've ever heard. It's almost all instrumental surf songs, and the production is amazing... I'm sure you can find them all pretty easy on the internet but if anyone's interested, here's part i:

part iv:

Everyneurotic 07.09.2008 10:30 PM


viewtiful_alan 07.09.2008 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37

I love that one. He sounds like he's having fun which is always good with Dylan

Sonic Youth 37 07.09.2008 10:54 PM


Ah, bliss. It's been far too long...

acousticrock87 07.10.2008 02:22 AM



✌➬ 07.10.2008 02:23 AM


Everyneurotic 07.10.2008 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli


this is great artwork, what's this?



Destroyed 07.10.2008 12:58 PM

Just finished listening this:


Now I will listen to

atsonicpark 07.10.2008 01:03 PM

yeah, I love surf. It's probably my favorite genre of music actually... too bad it's boring to talk about. Hope you like those albums.

I, too, wanna know what that art is to (for the yellow vomitting picture).


Hey, isn't that George's father?


Oh, yeah, it is! Should we say hello?


I've never seen him in Manhattan before; it's weird. So out of context.


That man he's with: is he wearing a cape?


I believe he is wearing a cape.


Why is Mr. Costanza with a man in a cape?


Well, it is good cape weather. Cool. Breezy.


Yeah, why a cape? Who wears a cape? Where do you even get a cape?

sarramkrop 07.10.2008 01:26 PM

Meth Teeth on DJ Rick's show. I fucking love this band already.

atsonicpark 07.10.2008 01:44 PM

Haha, Meth Teeth.

There's a band called meth lab explosion also.

viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark





These are fucking excellent surf compilations, probably the best I've ever heard. It's almost all instrumental surf songs, and the production is amazing... I'm sure you can find them all pretty easy on the internet but if anyone's interested, here's part i:

part iv:

which volume is the best? I'm headed to the record store tomorrow and am in the market for a good surf comp.?

atsonicpark 07.10.2008 02:36 PM

I like 3 the best I think.

viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 02:39 PM

Nah haven't been able to yet. : /. I think I'm stopping by cactus tomorrow though because I'm visitng my grandma who lives right near there.

viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 02:40 PM

It was my impression that soundwaves moved away from music? at leats that's what my dad told me. Apparently he was ill informed.

acousticrock87 07.10.2008 02:50 PM

Gasp. I want to go to Amoeba now. Too much gas, though, and no time. :(

I need to pick up some Japanese experimental rock CDs.

atsonicpark 07.10.2008 02:55 PM

get some omoide hatoba.

acousticrock87 07.10.2008 03:02 PM

Holy crap I'm going to be broke by the end of the week.

I'll probably just get some Acid Mothers stuff when I go. I have a ton of their stuff downloaded, but I don't own a thing. I need to pay my dues. But I'll have to write all these bands down somewhere.

atsonicpark 07.10.2008 03:54 PM

jliat - "when we focus on nothing as opposed to the set or subset of infinite events with whatever intellect we have in that moment the conscious state becomes aware of the alternative to the infinity of states which in its apprehension is enlightenment"

Really interesting album...

PAULYBEE2656 07.10.2008 03:56 PM

listening to this

Derek 07.10.2008 03:58 PM

Good album PAULYBEE, Tzadik release also!

I'm listening to Pocahaunted.

atsonicpark 07.10.2008 03:59 PM

Cute chicks.

stu666 07.10.2008 06:25 PM

Club Fuzzyland
Inland Empire, Ca.
31 0ct 97

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