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Savage Clone 05.10.2008 02:18 PM


Everyneurotic 05.10.2008 02:20 PM

what's this called?

nice call, drone.

Dead-Air 05.10.2008 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone

Dude, you could be hearing the new NWW right now on my radio show...

Savage Clone 05.10.2008 02:22 PM

OK, tuning in.
Halford can wait.

Dead-Air 05.10.2008 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
OK, tuning in.
Halford can wait.

If you missed the NWW and you may well have, it will be on the download of course.

Derek 05.10.2008 04:14 PM

Love - Forever Changes

First time listener.

Ciccone Warhol Monroe 05.10.2008 06:19 PM


Ciccone Warhol Monroe 05.10.2008 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by PAULYBEE2656

is this any good?

Torn Curtain 05.11.2008 05:03 AM

Codeine - The white birch

greedrex 05.11.2008 05:28 AM

magic markers - boss

not revolutionary , but not a bad listening experience either.
they make me think of a modern VU

also listening to

PRE - epic fits (radical)
Giant panda - fly school reunion (cool)
tunng - good arrows (ok)
explosions in the sky - the rescue (kind of boring but still nice)
Cannibal Ox (classic yummy)

stu666 05.11.2008 06:45 AM

Tall Firs
Glasslands Gallery
Brooklyn, NY USA

thanks andrei for the link to this

Torn Curtain 05.11.2008 07:45 AM

An Pierle and White Velvet - Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium 2006-08-18 FM (from dime)

Torn Curtain 05.11.2008 08:22 AM

Neil Young - Comes a time

This Is Not Here 05.11.2008 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by greedrex
PRE - epic fits (radical)
Giant panda - fly school reunion (cool)

Agreed guv

Derek 05.11.2008 09:23 AM


Torn Curtain 05.11.2008 03:17 PM

Scott Walker - Scott 4

Torn Curtain 05.11.2008 04:16 PM

Dominique A - La mémoire neuve

Sonic Youth 37 05.11.2008 09:02 PM


✌➬ 05.11.2008 09:06 PM



Sonic Youth 37 05.11.2008 10:41 PM


Love this band...

uhler 05.11.2008 10:46 PM

bad moon rising

batreleaser 05.11.2008 11:37 PM

pink floyd-ummagumma

Everyneurotic 05.12.2008 12:05 AM

weekend listenings:

B52's - Funplex
The Replacements - Tim
Guns N' Roses - Live !@# Like A Suicide
The Mae Shi - Terror Bird
Hannah Montana - "Nobody's Perfect"
Taylor Swift - "Our Song"
Suishou No Fune - The Light Of Dark Night
Prurient - And Still, Wanting
Free Kitten - Inherit
Der Teenage Panzerkorps - Harmful Emotions
Judas Priest - comp
Bush - comp
No Age - Nouns
Einstürzende Neubauten - The Jewels
split Loop/Godflesh
Bowery Electric - s/t
Glenn Branca - Symphony #13
Cheap Trick - Don't Be Cruel
Gauze - Binbouyusurino Rhythm Ni Notte

batreleaser 05.12.2008 01:33 AM

government alpha-auditory halucination of drowsy afternoon

greedrex 05.12.2008 03:13 AM


Originally Posted by ✌➬


oops you did it again

sonic sphere 05.12.2008 08:30 AM

megadeth-peace sells...........but who's buying?

fugazifan 05.12.2008 08:36 AM

brian wilson-smile
my first time hearing it. its pretty great. it started off slow but i just heard wind chimes and im on mrs olearys cow which is a hellavamindfuck of a song

jon boy 05.12.2008 09:07 AM

listened to them all weekend^


sonic sphere 05.12.2008 09:21 AM

ice cube-death certificate

Everyneurotic 05.12.2008 09:27 AM


sonic sphere 05.12.2008 11:24 AM

ramones-too tough to die

PAULYBEE2656 05.12.2008 02:07 PM


ive forgotten how good an album it is.....

sarramkrop 05.12.2008 02:38 PM


Torn Curtain 05.12.2008 03:11 PM

Tindersticks - Black session on France Inter

PAULYBEE2656 05.12.2008 03:27 PM

einsturzende neubauten

its my first hearing of it and i love it.

Everyneurotic 05.12.2008 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

nice, have you listened to other up-tight releases?

stu666 05.12.2008 05:53 PM


jon boy 05.13.2008 06:34 AM

it was.

listening to some early skullflower stuff. neat.

sonic sphere 05.13.2008 06:36 AM

spiritualized-ladies & gentlemen we are floating in space

sarramkrop 05.13.2008 06:37 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
nice, have you listened to other up-tight releases?

No, have you? If you have, what are they like?

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