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k-krack 08.19.2007 02:35 AM

This Heat - Deceit

Album RULES.

youthoftomorrow 08.19.2007 03:57 AM


Norma J 08.19.2007 05:36 AM

Helmet: Diet Aftertaste.

Torn Curtain 08.19.2007 05:37 AM

SY - 1987-06-24 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (from dime)

screamingskull 08.19.2007 05:37 AM



OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Torn Curtain 08.19.2007 08:39 AM

Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond playing Something of an end solo on youtube.

She's great.

Savage Clone 08.19.2007 05:08 PM

Cassiber - Perfect Worlds EP

Haven't listened to this in quite some time. A wonderful re-discovery.

Everyneurotic 08.19.2007 05:35 PM


wolves in the throne room - diadem of 12 stars

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.19.2007 05:41 PM

Unwound - Fake Train
Unwound - Future of what

for the first time today. I think I like future of what better though.

TheDom 08.19.2007 06:08 PM

Maggot Brain

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.19.2007 07:16 PM

psycho realm - s/t

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.19.2007 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by screamingskull


OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!

you know I bought this a week ago or so and I wasn't really impressed. It just sounded like a weak sparta record. I've only listened once though so maybe it'll grow on me.

afterthefact 08.19.2007 07:42 PM


Everyneurotic 08.19.2007 08:07 PM


trying to regain my punkdom, appearantly.

afterthefact 08.19.2007 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
trying to regain my punkdom, appearantly.

Punk is so outdated, get with the times!:)

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.19.2007 08:12 PM

my stuff.

gmku 08.19.2007 08:46 PM

I just wanna be your teachah...

The Soft Boys - Underwater Moonlight

LittlePuppetBoy 08.19.2007 08:57 PM

Meat Puppets 2

jon boy 08.20.2007 04:59 AM

keith fullerton whittman - playthroughs

Torn Curtain 08.20.2007 05:30 AM

Laura Veirs - June 4, 2007 KUSP-fm, Santa Cruz, Ca. (from dime)

Torn Curtain 08.20.2007 05:34 AM

Pink Floyd - "BBC Archives 1974" London, Wembley Empire Pool, November 16, 1974 (from dime)

sonicl 08.20.2007 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
keith fullerton whittman - playthroughs

KFW is trying to set up a Euro tour during late September / early October. No promises, but he may be playing in London - at least one promoter is in touch with him about it.

If you know any promoters in your neck of the woods, tell them to get in touch with him and you may be able to get a show closer to home.

racehorse 08.20.2007 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
keith fullerton whittman - playthroughs

too right - "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to jon boy again."

sarramkrop 08.20.2007 06:51 AM

To Rococo Rot

Onani Nic 08.20.2007 06:59 AM

OLD SKULL- C.I.A Drugfest Cassette.
Totally worth the $0.99 I bid on ebay.

"pizza man here's your tip....a bullet to the head"

sarramkrop 08.20.2007 09:20 AM

I wonder what Ronnie Wood makes of this, now:


Florya 08.20.2007 09:55 AM

Virginia Astley - In Gardens Where We Feel Secure.

tesla69 08.20.2007 10:37 AM

Bauhaus live in 82.

SugarMountain 08.20.2007 10:59 AM

The Electric Furs new EP good stuff

sarramkrop 08.20.2007 11:37 AM

You Ain't Getting None by Eve, possibly one of my favourite songs ever.

Torn Curtain 08.20.2007 11:38 AM

David Bowie - Diamond dogs

Everyneurotic 08.20.2007 11:39 AM


floatingslowly 08.20.2007 11:57 AM


sarramkrop 08.20.2007 01:38 PM

Impious - The Death Squad ep


After that:

Splattered Entrails - Chocking On The Rot

jimbrim 08.20.2007 02:11 PM


Florya 08.20.2007 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by Torn Curtain
David Bowie - Diamond dogs

I was listening to that in the car today. Fucking great album!!

Florya 08.20.2007 02:14 PM

Thrones - Day Late, Dollar Short.

My teeth are vibrating!

Torn Curtain 08.20.2007 02:47 PM

Shellac - Excellent Italian greyhound (first time I listen to the band actually)

Hip Priest 08.20.2007 04:24 PM


Pookie 08.20.2007 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly

I haven't listened to this for about 20 years. I have an urge to buy it again.

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