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sarramkrop 05.16.2007 05:13 PM

Glad you've enjoyed that.

musicfallinglikesnow 05.16.2007 05:14 PM

You must be kidding! So great!

Norma J 05.16.2007 05:27 PM

Dylan: Infidels.

Norma J 05.16.2007 06:44 PM

One of the Swervedriver EPs I have on vinyl. Infact it just finished.

terminal pharmacy 05.16.2007 06:58 PM

i am listening to an assortment of sy that i have loaded into my xbox when playing gta san andreas

nothing better than silver rocket in one of those big police chases

finding nobody 05.16.2007 07:31 PM


sarramkrop 05.17.2007 02:25 AM


sonicl 05.17.2007 03:11 AM

120 Days - 120 Days

A bit of a disappointment. The first track sounds like Cabaret Voltaire during their disco phase, but the rest of it doesn't live up to that promise. Pleasant, but unexciting.

Tokolosh 05.17.2007 03:17 AM


The cover art is amazing.

SYRFox 05.17.2007 03:35 AM


Magik Markers - I Trust My Guitar, Etc

king_buzzo 05.17.2007 03:50 AM


Fuck yes!

Norma J 05.17.2007 04:02 AM

Brian Jonestown Massacre: BraveryRepetitionandNoise.

Katy 05.17.2007 04:52 AM


king_buzzo 05.17.2007 05:11 AM

Shellac-1,000 Hurts

Iain 05.17.2007 06:34 AM

Loosers - Bumbu Meu Boi

This is one of the best things I have bought of late. Really ace.

nicfit 05.17.2007 06:36 AM

Ulan Bator- Ok:Ko

whorefrost 05.17.2007 06:44 AM


Originally Posted by Iain
Loosers - Bumbu Meu Boi

This is one of the best things I have bought of late. Really ace.

Portugese out-rockers, right? how does it sound?

screamingskull 05.17.2007 07:06 AM


Stella was a diver and she's always down

sonicl 05.17.2007 07:06 AM


Morkobot - Morkobot

I seem to have a bit of
a thing for eponymous

sun city girl 05.17.2007 07:06 AM

method man - tical

Iain 05.17.2007 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by whorefrost
Portugese out-rockers, right? how does it sound?

Kind of a mixture of NNCK/Sunburned style percussive stompers and more low key, spooked numbers. Sort of thing you've no doubt heard before but never meandering, totally on point and fairly unique sounding. One track sort of reminds me of Beaches and Canyons era Black Dice...

I keep meaning to figure out how and get round to hooking up my tape player so I can rip tapes. I'll upload it if I ever get round to doing it.

king_buzzo 05.17.2007 08:54 AM


Green Mind


sonic sphere 05.17.2007 08:59 AM

the very best of dick dale & his del-tones

king_buzzo 05.17.2007 09:07 AM

Now-Flying Cloud-Dino.

sonic sphere 05.17.2007 09:12 AM

love-forever changes

king_buzzo 05.17.2007 09:16 AM


skiesfalling 05.17.2007 12:19 PM

Prolapse - The Italian Flag
Mew - And the Glass Handed Kites
Manu Chao with Amadou and Myriam
Ulan Bator Ego:Echo

Torn Curtain 05.17.2007 02:02 PM

The sea and cake - S/T

Glice 05.17.2007 02:24 PM

Alvers Orkester. I got this the other week, and it's very good. Wooden box jobby, ltd 200, drony synth things. I've been listening to other things, but felt the need to endorse this particular one.

king_buzzo 05.17.2007 02:26 PM

J & The Fog-Alone-2004

king_buzzo 05.17.2007 02:45 PM

J Mascis-Get Me-Live@Stubbs

drrrtyboots 05.17.2007 02:56 PM

Aa - gAame

king_buzzo 05.17.2007 03:05 PM

J & The Fog-Blowing it/ I live for that look-2001 Rolling Stone Sessions

sarramkrop 05.17.2007 03:53 PM


floatingslowly 05.17.2007 04:01 PM

that's a great album pork. I love "The Jezebel Spirit".



sarramkrop 05.17.2007 04:03 PM

I had forgotten how good it sounds, and i've never been that big a fan of Byrne or a lot of Eno's work after that record. It sounds so futuristic, even to this day.

whorefrost 05.17.2007 04:29 PM

rediscovered the first Unwound CD yesterday, marvelling how good it is... now spinning New Plastic Ideas which I'd forgotten was so excellent as well..

Tokolosh 05.17.2007 04:35 PM


Musica Transonic - XYOSFBIGKOU

krastian 05.18.2007 12:27 AM

^Good call.


king_buzzo 05.18.2007 03:00 AM

Ramones-California Sun

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